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Call Of Duty: Mobile Reveals Plans For Season 8

Activision and Tencent Games revealed their plans for Season 8 coming to Call Of Duty: Mobile, as players get on their spy game and board a new train. The season is being called "Train To Nowhere" and will feature a number of new additions to take advantage of both free and via the new battle pass. This includes two new maps, a new themed event revolving around spies, and other new items you'll enjoy playing with. We have the rundown of some of those items from the blog below, and you can read more at the link above.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Reveals Plans For Season 8
Credit: Tencent Games

New Map — Express: First introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Express takes place at a high-speed rail transit center where Operators battle inside the terminal and out over the tracks. Its half-circle layout features tight corridors and plentiful long-shots. Navigate through the parked train to flank enemies from one platform to the next, or climb up to the southern power position and fire at enemies below. However you approach the map, make sure you're not on the tracks when the bullet train comes barreling through.

New Perk — Spycraft: Give your foes a taste of their own medicine using Spycraft to hack land-based enemy items, turning them to your own use. Earn the Perk through a Seasonal Challenge for the ability to hack the Trophy System, Trip Mine, SAM Turret, Sentry Gun, Transform Shield, and Munitions Box. Once the manual hack is complete, they'll start working in your favor.

New Battle Royale Class Igniter: Lure your enemies into fiery pits using the new Igniter Battle Royale class, capable of laying down flaming tar traps that burn and slow enemy Operators who enter the ring of fire. Lasting for several seconds each, these traps are perfect for blocking off access to important locations, whether you're attempting a clean getaway or holding a position against rushing enemies. The Igniter cannot be damaged or slowed by their own traps, and they additionally gain added resistance to fire and explosive damage.

New Themed Event — Operation: Spy Hunt: Become a spy and get rewarded for the intel you bring back to base in Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 8's Operation: Spy Hunt themed event. Collect clues by competing in Multiplayer and Battle Royale; then use those clues to intercept enemy intel, earning rewards along the way like the Lerch — Gumshoe, the GKS — Claw, and the Charm — Servant of Doom. Throughout the event, allied informants will change their position on the intel board, aiding you in your mission. By intercepting intelligence to one side of the informant, you'll gain an automatic discount for intercepting the intel on the other end. Use the informants wisely to progress more quickly.

Battle Royale Special Task: While the Operation: Spy Hunt event is active, you'll be tasked with eliminating specific enemies in Battle Royale. Complete the mission to earn additional clues. Home in on the target Operator by getting eliminations and assists throughout the match, granting access to a special tracking ability that will temporarily ping your target's location on the map. Note that they'll be informed of their exposed position, so be ready for a fight.

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