You Can Already Install The Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Client Ready For The Weekend

Bandai Namco has revealed that players can now get the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta client on their machine, ready to go for tomorrow.

dragon ball fighterz

I'm anticipating a lot of curiosity about the game, when it launches later this month so by proxy, I imagine the beta where players will get to try out the game for the first time will prove to be very popular. The game is just so neat looking and hyperactive, I think it is bound to capture a lot of people's attention, especially Dragon Ball fans.

The beta will be starting on the January 13 for players who preordered. A day later, the beta will open up and it will run until January 16. To get you ready Bandai has made the beta client available to download on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This means, that when it unlocks, you won't have to wait to install it. To get it on your machine, just search for the open beta on both the Microsoft and Sony stores. This should cut down the time you are waiting, meaning you will be able to go right away and get to beating opponents, or if you are like me, getting beaten in no time.

The install shouldn't take you too long either. It's only a 2.4Gb download, so it should be pretty swift. You'll be able to hop in at 3 am EST/12 am PST/8 am GMT.

It's free and has a pretty generous roster to mess with too, so why not hop in and check it out over the weekend? It should be a ton of fun.