Capcom Bans a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker Tournament

Capcom may have just set a new president when it comes to Street Fighter V esports as they ban a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker. For years people have been of two minds when it comes to these customized controllers that people bring to tournaments, going all the way back to the first few years of Smash Bros. Melee being an esport. It's a controversial thing that some players feel that if they're going to compete they should be able to choose the equipment they play with as long as it doesn't break any rules, while others believe everyone should be playing on gear that is designed the same way as everyone else's with the ability to change out your button configuration. Well, Capcom laid down the law today during the Combo Breaker Tournament, addressing FGC player Daigo Umehara's controller (which Kotaku went in-depth about on Thursday), specifically saying it cannot be used and that controllers moving forward must all fall within a certain standard.

What this means for the future of Capcom's tournaments and any others that Street Fighter V is a part of is another deal entirely. The company has now just set an official stance regarding one tournament, which could lead players in other tournaments to argue that Hit-Box Controllers should not be allowed in their tournaments as well because of the advantage. We'll see how this plays out in the weeks to come.

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