Catalyst Black Is Set For Release On Mobile Later This May

Super Evil Megacorp announced this week they'll finally be releasing Catalyst Black onto both iOS and Android devices later on next month. If you haven't been checking this one out, the game is a team battleground shooter in which players will unleash mystical powers that channel primal beings from another realm as part of their abilities. You can currently pre-register for the game at the link above as the team has assured players they will be able to play this one on both touch screen and controller, which can be scaled up from mobile to larger screens as needed. You can read more about it below and check out the trailer as its set to be released on May 25th, 2022.

Catalyst Black Is Set For Release On Mobile Later This May
Credit: Super Evil Megacorp

In Catalyst Black, players will ascend to the skies as they embark on an expedition to acquire rich caches of power discoverable across the exotic Welkin Islands. Floating high above Kyria, the Welkins offer near limitless access to the mystical resource catalyte, but also hold within them the great mysteries of Catalyst Black itself.

Players can collect, upgrade, and customize their loadout to create the best combination for their playstyle. Available from launch, the 30+ guns, 12+ abilities, 15+ trinkets, and 6 primals enable deep theorycrafting and strategy contrasts — including hunting kills as a long-range sniper, dueling other players as a sneaky assassin, and countering the enemy as a primal hunter. Within this loadout comes the selection of a primal: mystical creatures capable of decimating the entire enemy team, each commanding their own strengths. Players must decide the perfect moment to transform into their primal and unleash havoc to turn the tide of battle.

Catalyst Black offers players the choice between a wide variety of modes, including Hydra, where they can battle players and bosses alike in a PvEvP showdown; Slayer, where they can defeat enemies for points toward victory; and Eventide, where they will vie for control of an ancient fortress. Catalyst Black also pioneers a drop-in gameplay feature allowing players to instantly join friends' ongoing matches. For players seeking a more shared experience, parties allow groups of friends to join matches on the same team, facilitating deeper strategy and social experiences.

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