CCP Games Releases A New String Of Updates Into EVE Online

Following up on their world record-setting encounter, CCP Games is moving forward with EVE Online as they've released a number of updates. While the past year of conflict has had multiple updates come to the game in various ways, some of them left a few gaps and some other issues that need to be addressed. Primarily in the form of the ESS Update, the DBS Update, and the Vat Out of Hel update. Each of which offers a completely different set of additions to the game. You can read about all three of them below and click the links for more detailed info as they have all been implemented into the game this week.

The ESS Update is one of several being implemented into EVE Online, courtesy of CCP Games.
The ESS Update is one of several being implemented into EVE Online, courtesy of CCP Games.
  • Vat Out of Hel: Capsuleers can now respawn inside a local fleet Supercarrier — which has doubled in size alongside a stunning visual update — and enter a battle-ready ship inside the vessel.
  • Dynamic Bounty System (DBS): Bounty payouts across Nullsec reward Capsuleers who are brave enough to hunt enemies in the most dangerous areas of space. Likewise, systems where pirate activity is under Capsuleer control will see lower payments. New Eden is now reactive to — and self-correcting from — player behavior. Now, corporations will need to utilize more of their space if they want to keep their current income levels.
  • Encounter Surveillance System Update (ESS): The ESS is no longer optional and will be present by default in all Nullsec systems in EVE Online. Its location is public and can only be accessed with specific ship classes. There is a unique set of on-grid rules to encourage good sportsmanship and payouts are now automatically awarded to participating PvE players; however, Capsuleers should note the sum is now split between two banks: the Main Bank and Reserve Bank.

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