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Pokémon TCG Will Feature Shiny Illustration Rares in Paldean Fates

Pokémon TCG debuts a new card type called Shiny Illustration Rares in Japan's Shiny Treasure ex and the English Paldean Fates.

Article Summary

  • Introducing Shiny Illustration Rares in Pokémon TCG's Paldean Fates set.
  • Elite Trainer Boxes will guarantee a Mimikyu Shiny Illustration Rare.
  • Premium cards feature AKIRA EGAWA art, including a Shiny Charizard ex.
  • New Hyper Rares with "raised texture" to revitalize collector interest.

Two new types of Pokémon cards will debut in Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates, releasing to the Pokémon TCG in early 2024. This is a special expansion, so it will be released in special branded products over the course of January and February 2024, including the Elite Trainer Box, Premium Collections, Tins, Mini Tins, Booster Bundle, and more. We are getting an early look at what this set will entail by observing Japan's equivalent high-class set, December 2023's Shiny Treasure, for example. It has been confirmed that the set will be the first to include Shiny Illustration Rares and Shiny Special Illustration Rare ex cards. We now know what the first of these cards look like.

Shiny Treasure ex Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rares. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Shiny Treasure ex Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rares. Credit: Pokémon TCG

So far, five Shiny Illustration Rares have been confirmed:

  • Shiny Palafin in its Hero Form
  • Shiny Gardevoir ex, which is likely to be one of the more sought-after cards in this set
  • Shiny Charizard ex, which seems destined to be the set's ultimate chase card, in no small part thanks to this stunning AKIRA EGAWA artwork
  • Shiny Pawmi, which depicts the Pokémon cuddling with non-Shiny versions, which is something I hope we see more on these cards
  • And, of course, the first card to be revealed of this type in English, the SV Black Star Promo version of Mimikyu, which will be a guaranteed pull in the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates Elite Trainer Boxes.

It has also been revealed that Shiny Treasure ex and Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates will have a new kind of Hyper Rare card. So far, the Pokémon TCG has featured Gold ex cards as Hyper Rares during the Scarlet & Violet era. These feature the same line work as the Full Art versions of the cards and are considered by many collectors to be underwhelming. Now, we will get a new kind of "raised texture" foil version of Hyper Rares, but there is no word yet on what these are exactly or how they will look.

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