A Colorful Game Of Death: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – PS4, PS Vita Trailer

At this years E3, Sony unveiled the trailer for the English version of Danganronpa V3, due out September 26. The game will be an adventure visual novel, and the first of the series to be developed for home consoles. The game is already available in Japan, and was received well. The series is also a favorite with cosplayers, as the characters are quirky and fun, and the character designs are visually pleasing.

The game revolves around Kaede Akamatsu who is kidnapped, and wakes up in the "Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles". Kaede, along with 15 other students, have to fight to the death in order to escape (like a much more colorful version of Battle Royale). I've seen the games in passing and they frankly look like a lot of fun. I'll absolutely buy this once it's released here! You can check out the pre-order information here, but $60 is a little steep for a pre-order. Ouch!

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