Final Thoughts On The Pokémon GO Beyond Press Conference

Yesterday was a huge day for Pokémon GO news. Potentially the biggest day since the initial announcement of the game. An increase in the level cap was announced for November 30th along with news that Generation Six, Seasons, and a host of other new features would be coming to Niantic's hit mobile game. However, there were more details discussed during the press conference that we didn't get to cover in our major posts… and, in addition to that, we have a gift for Pokémon GO trainers from Bleeding Cool and Niantic.

GO Beyond promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
GO Beyond promo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What we want to spotlight most in this piece is what Niantic spoke on in the original press conference that didn't make it into their official announcements. All of this information comes directly from Niantic, with most of it coming during the Q&A section.

  • BRANDED UPDATES: Niantic confirmed that, after the GO Beyond initiative wraps up, there will be more branded updates in the future.
  • REMOTE RAID LOBBY TIME: Niantic was asked about the possibility of a Remote Raid host being able to add time to a raid lobby. They responded that, while there is no official update to share, there is consistent internal talk about optimizing this kind of content for raids.
  • REGIONAL POKÉMON AND HEMISPHERES: The new changes that will customize spawns in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere will not impact Regional Pokémon. There aren't plans for Regionals to migrate.
  • DISTANCE TRADES: Niantic declined to comment on more Distance Trading updates but, interestingly, now an even more expanded trading distance experience is currently live in Pokémon GO.
  • SEASONS: While these are currently three months long, Niantic said that "there is no telling what the future holds."
  • LEVEL 41+ POKÉMON AND MASTER LEAGUE: Niantic is currently "thinking through options" about how to maintain Master League balance now that Pokémon will be able to be powered up to level 50.
  • TEAM GO ROCKET: Things got a bit meta when Niantic was asked if there would be anymore immersive, behind-the-scenes content such as the Team GO Rocket blogs. Their official comment was "We will learn more about their plans. We are constantly monitoring them."

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