Cook Serve Delicious 3 Is Getting Released On October 14th

Vertigo Gaming Inc. revealed today that they are finally releasing Cook Serve Delicious 3 on PC and consoles on October 14th. The game has been on the verge of getting released for a while now, we've just kinda been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now we know the game will be out in mid-October for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. There will also be a PS4 version, but a date hasn't been revealed for it yet. No word yet about next-gen consoles or a possible mobile version, though it wouldn't surprise us to see either.

Cook Serve Delicious 3 will drop onto PC and console on October 14th, courtesy of Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Cook Serve Delicious 3 will drop onto PC and console on October 14th, courtesy of Vertigo Gaming Inc.
Hit the road in this massive sequel to the million-selling Cook, Serve, Delicious! series as you travel across the United States to participate in the Iron Cook Foodtruck Championships with your trusty robot crew Whisk (voiced by @negaoryx) and Cleaver (voiced by @havanarama). Set in the radically-changed war-torn America of 2042, play through an all new story-driven campaign where you cook hundreds of foods—including many brand new to the series—across hundreds of levels in a new gameplay structure that has been completely redesigned to deliver fast-paced action, or take it easy with the all new Chill Mode that can be toggled on or off at any time!
  • Play through the campaign via single player or with a friend in local co-op (with the ability to change on the fly).
  • Upgrade your food truck with dozens of gameplay-affecting modules!
  • Expand your food catalog with over two hundred foods!
  • Decorate your food truck with dozens of trinkets that span the US!
  • Tons of accessibility features that allow you to play the most comfortably you'd like, including motion settings, flashing/strobe settings, audio and colorblind features, and tons more.
  • Over a hundred hours of gameplay spanning over 380 levels!
  • An amazing original soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer.

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