CORSAIR Launches Elgato's Latest Upgrade With The Stream Deck +

CORSAIR has launched a brand new edition of a popular Elgato product as you can get your hands on the Stream Deck +. This is an interesting middle ground between the normal Stream Deck and the Stream Deck Mini with some flair as you're given a selection of eight buttons and four dials. The buttons, much like previous versions, are fully programmable and give you the ability to set up multiple pages and profiles through the software. However, you now have four infinite dials and a touch strip in which you can program features such as audio, lighting, camera angles, and more. All by programming what you feel like having assigned to each dial. Right now, you can buy one for $200 via the company's website. We have more info for you below and a trailer to see the possibilities.

CORSAIR Launches Elgato's Latest Upgrade With The Stream Deck +

"Stream Deck + adds new functionalities to the acclaimed Stream Deck platform with a combination of eight LCD keys, four push dials, and a dynamic touch strip, all of which are ideal for controlling audio, video, lighting, and other software-integrated technology. With over 100 ready-made app plugins available, and the option to map keyboard shortcuts to keys and dials, Stream Deck + enhances any workflow from content creation, podcasting and live production to photo editing, graphic design, and beyond. Stream Deck + integrates seamlessly with Elgato software, namely Camera Hub, Control Center and the lauded Wave Link virtual mixer, which is unlocked for all Stream Deck + owners to enjoy professional control over multiple audio sources and VST effects such as EQ, compression, or reverb. Both the LCD keys and touch strip can be personalized with Elgato's extensive library of icon packs and backgrounds, while the dials can be refitted with silver or gold caps (sold separately). Like all Stream Deck devices, Stream Deck + gives users access to thousands of royalty-free tracks and sound effects that can be triggered with the LCD (interactive) keys. When connected to a PC or Mac via the included USB-C to USB-A cable, Stream Deck + becomes the core of any setup."

"Stream Deck + leverages powerful Stream Deck software that makes configuration and daily use easy. Simply drag and drop plugin actions onto the LCD keys and dials. You can even create limitless pages of interface layouts with different actions for application- or task-related workflows. One tap of an LCD key can trigger single or multiple actions: start stream, play intro sequence, unmute mic, turn on lights, switch cameras, launch apps, open webpages, and so on. Dials are used to adjust volume levels, image details, camera zoom, brightness, white balance, or just about any incremental app settings. Multiple actions can be "stacked" on single dials and pushing the dial will cycle through the actions. Real-time dial information is displayed on the touch strip, which can also be tapped to trigger actions, or swiped to change interface layout pages. Stream Deck + can even be set to automatically change interface layouts as you jump between apps."

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