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CORSAIR Launches Elgato's Latest Upgrade With The Stream Deck +
CORSAIR has launched a brand new edition of a popular Elgato product as you can get your hands on the Stream Deck + This is an interesting middle ground between the normal Stream Deck and the Stream Deck Mini with some flair as you're given a selection of eight buttons and four dials The buttons,[...]
CORSAIR Launches First 4K60 Webcam: Elgato Facecam Pro
CORSAIR has launched a brand new webcam from their Elgato brand as they present the first 4K60 version in the Facecam Pro This latest model is basically designed to be your all-in-one camera for streaming and content creation needs, as it presents a remarkable image that looks and feels like a professional camera Which is[...]
CORSAIR Announces New Cooling Unit & Capture Card
CORSAIR revealed a new pair of products this week as they have a new hardline cooling unit as well as a new capture card through Elgato First, the company has released an entirely new line of hardline CPU custom cooling kits, as they have introduced Hydro X Series This includes the iCUE XH303i RGB PRO,[...]
CORSAIR Launches New K70 Mechanical Keyboard & Elgato Key Light
CORSAIR dropped a new pair of products this past week with a brand new mechanical keyboard as well as a new light from Elgato First up, we have the new K70 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which takes a vast improvement over the key modeling and lighting from previous versions, as well as made the[...]
Elgato Reveals New Facecam & Other Streaming Products
Elgato took time today to reveal several new streaming products, including a brand new Facecam device for live broadcast The five items in question are the Facecam, the improved Stream Deck MK 2 with new faceplates, the Wave XLR audio controller, the Wave Mic Arm, and its variant the Wave Mic Arm LP We got[...]
Elgato Launches A New Line Of Light Strips & Wave Panels
Elgato revealed a couple of new products this week as they are now offering streamers and gamers wave panels and light strips First off, the light strips are an app-controlled strip of LED lights with a wide range of colors to choose from that you can set up on practice ally any surface Even controllable[...]
Set to premiere on February 3 at 10 pm ET/PT (with a preview on Waypoint's Twitch channel today at 2 pm ET), series host Dexter Thomas, Culture Correspondent, VICE News Tonight interviews the experts behind history's culture-defining games, gaming journalists, and industry insiders; including NBA Hornets player Gordon Hayward, Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña, The Leftover's[...]
CORSAIR Officially Acquires EpocCam App & Software
CORSAIR revealed this week that the company has officially acquired the EpocCam app and software under the Elgato brand If you're unfamiliar with the app itself, this is basically an all-in-one setup for people who wish to turn their mobile devices into a webcam Which makes it ideal for people who wish to broadcast themselves[...]
CORSAIR Announces Multiple Products During September 2020
You can check out their new line of announcements from the past week from both the main CORSAIR line and Elgato with a little info, as well as a link if you want to learn more. A look at the CORSAIR 4000 Series Mid-Tower Cases. CORSAIR 4000 Series Mid-Tower Cases Debuting in the new 4000 Series, the CORSAIR[...]
Stream Deck XL Main Image
We recently got the chance to try out the latest Elgato Stream Deck model from CORSAIR as they sent us the Stream Deck XL for review We had previously had a chance to sit down and review both the regular Stream Deck as well as the Stream Deck Mini So we already knew kind of[...]
CORSAI Announces New Line Of Elgato Products For CES 2020
CORSAIR joins the list of people revealing what they're showing off at CES 2020 this week with a new line of Elgato products The three big products they have to show off this year are the Elgato 4K60 S+ HDR10 capture station, and the Elgato Key Light Air (a compact version of the previous model)[...]
Several New Items Announced by Elgato before CES 2019
Elgato introduces several new items before CES 2019, including the Elgato Key Light, Screen Link, Stream Deck SDK, and Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock All of these are designed to create new levels of customization and help for broadcasters looking to make their YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc content the best it can be. First up is the Elgato Key[...]
Tech Review: Elgato Stream Deck Mini
One of the last products to come out from Elgato before the gaming side of the company was purchased by Corsair was the Stream Deck Mini We had the pleasure of reviewing the official Stream Deck last year and were mighty impressed, but we don't want to tread over territory that we've already covered[...]
Corsair Acquires Elgato Gaming, Elgato Moves in a Different Direction
If you've been wondering why Elgato Gaming hasn't been doing much lately, we now have an answer as Corsair now owns them The company didn't have a lot to say about the acquisition as the press release that went out this morning basically covered the simplistic facts and didn't go into details To be clear, Elgato[...]
Busting Out A Better Stream: We Review The Elgato Cam Link
A few months ago we got the chance to review the Elgato Stream Deck, which is an amazing piece of tech that, as we put it at the time, gives you the power to a TV studio in one device Elgato tends to make some really awesome products geared specifically toward Twitch and YouTube streamers[...]
Like Having A TV Studio In Your Hands: We Review The Elgato Stream Deck
Today, we got a really awesome device we received for review that will fix a lot of your problems, even if you don't stream: The Elgato Stream Deck. The Stream Deck is a 15 button panel controller that uses a USB connection as the power source and comes with a display tray for easier access It's[...]