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CORSAIR Reveals New Gaming Chair With The TC100 Relaxed
CORSAIR is releasing a brand new gaming chair with a changed-up design as they present the newly revealed TC100 Relaxed The team has introduced a new Relaxed line to the mix as they have added several enhancements that make it their chair with the greatest amount of options as to how you can set yourself[...]
CORSAIR Launches Elgato's Latest Upgrade With The Stream Deck +
CORSAIR has launched a brand new edition of a popular Elgato product as you can get your hands on the Stream Deck + This is an interesting middle ground between the normal Stream Deck and the Stream Deck Mini with some flair as you're given a selection of eight buttons and four dials The buttons,[...]
CORSAIR Launches MP600 GS & MP600 PRO NH SSD's
CORSAIR revealed a new pair of SSD cards this week for gamers looking to upgrade their system with the MP600 GS and the MP600 PRO NH These two Solid State Drives have been designed to provide more of a competitive level of performance with a read speed of up to 4,800MB/sec The PRO NH model[...]
CORSAIR Launches First 4K60 Webcam: Elgato Facecam Pro
CORSAIR has launched a brand new webcam from their Elgato brand as they present the first 4K60 version in the Facecam Pro This latest model is basically designed to be your all-in-one camera for streaming and content creation needs, as it presents a remarkable image that looks and feels like a professional camera Which is[...]
CORSAIR Unveils EX100U Portable USB Type-C SSD
CORSAIR revealed an awesome new product this week as they have released the EX100U Portable USB Type-C SSD This is a brand new high-speed, high-capacity storage device that is designed to be small and compact, able to fit inside your pocket so you can transfer a ton of content and make file portability easier[...]
CORSAIR Reveals Enchanted Quest Collection Gear
CORSAIR revealed a number of new colorful items this week with the new Enchanted Quest Collection of gaming gear The company has released a new set of items that will add a splash of color to your setup as they have made three different versions of the K64 TKL Mini and the HS80 RGB Wireless,[...]
CORSAIR Partners With Nanoleaf For New iCUE Integration
CORSAIR revealed a new partnership with Nanoleaf this week, as the two will intergrade the iCUE system with the lighting system Working together to unite the two technologies, you'll now be able to program the system of LED light panels and more with iCUE, so that your light react with games as well as match[...]
CORSAIR Launches The Elgato Wave DX Microphone
CORSAIR has revealed a new product from the Elgato line as they have a new mic and monitor with the Wave DX Microphone This is a brand new dynamic mic specifically designed for live broadcasting with an XLR interface to bring you some of the best audio quality you can get while still working with[...]
CORSAIR Reveals New HS55 Wireless Core Gaming Headset
CORSAIR has revealed a brand new headset this week, as they have debuted the brand new HS55 Wireless Core Gaming Headset The design of this is meant for a high-performance user as you are getting two different ways to connect audio via 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth, as well as a lightweight design that was created[...]
CORSAIR Reveals Ultra-Thin K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
CORSAIR revealed a new gaming keyboard design as they unveiled the K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard this week This is a pretty cool design as it is one of the thinnest keyboards they have ever designed that still retains the gaming aspects that people seek out in their line, while also being far more accessible[...]
CORSAIR Debuts 45in Bendable OLED Gaming Monitor
CORSAIR has revealed a brand new gaming monitor this week as they have revealed the Xeneon Flex Bendable OLED Gaming Monitor One of the more interesting designs they've produced, the monitor can bend how you see fit from a flat screen to an immersive 800R curve, designed to work specifically with sims and shooter titles[...]
CORSAIR Launches New UHD 4K & QHD 240Hz Xeneon Monitors
CORSAIR revealed a new set of gaming monitors this week in the form of the UHD 4K and the QHD 240Hz Xeneon Monitors Adding two new designs to their line, you have an option of how you'd like to view your gaming and media on PC, depending in you prefer having UHD 4K resolution gaming[...]
CORSAIR Releases The K70 Pro Mini Wireless Gaming Keybaord
CORSAIR has released a brand new gaming keyboard this week as players can get their hands on the new K70 Pro Mini Wireless A slimmed-down upgrade in the K70 series, this version was designed to be portable with a 60% form-factor, complete with keyswitches and keycaps that help the accents on the frame It was[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Line Of TC200 Gaming Chairs
CORSAIR revealed a brand new line of gaming chairs that they have launched today with the TC200 series in Leatherette and Fabric Both designs are set to be an improvement over the previous models the company has come up with, each of them offering racing-inspired design features and a wide seat surface As well as[...]
CORSAIR Unveils Voyager a1600 AMD Advantage Edition Laptop
CORSAIR revealed a brand new gaming and streaming laptop today with the Voyager a1600 AMD Advantage Edition Laptop Designed to be an all-in-one game-changer for players on the go, the laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processor, AMD Radeon RX 6800M mobile graphics, and a mix of the company's software and Elgato's tech[...]
CORSAIR Unveils New HS65 Surround Gaming Headset
CORSAIR dropped a brand new gaming headset onto the market this morning as they revealed the all-new HS65 Surround An upgrade from the previous incarnation of the HS65, this one has been stylized a little bit with an all-black or white design, featuring a lightweight aluminum-reinforced construction The bar no longer has padding as it[...]
We Review The CORSAIR iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers
A while back, the folks at CORSAIR were kind enough to send us a set of their iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers to experiment with At the time we got these we were trying to figure out just how you utilize these when it came to mixing and matching RGB lighting for a gaming desk[...]
CORSAIR Unveils New K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard
CORSAIR revealed a brand new keyboard this week as they launched the K70 RGB TKL Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard This one had more of an esports design in mind when they were designing it out as the team claims that this is "tournament ready" for whatever game you may be headed into As you can see[...]
CORSAIR Announces New Cooling Unit & Capture Card
CORSAIR revealed a new pair of products this week as they have a new hardline cooling unit as well as a new capture card through Elgato First, the company has released an entirely new line of hardline CPU custom cooling kits, as they have introduced Hydro X Series This includes the iCUE XH303i RGB PRO,[...]
CORSAIR Officially Launches 5000T RGB Mid-Tower Case
CORSAIR revealed a brand new tower case this week that's officially on the market as you can snag the 5000T RGB Mid-Tower Case The company basically threw in a couple of improvements to this design as they have thrown in their own unique contoured design, which you can get in either black or white, along[...]
CORSAIR Launches New K70 Mechanical Keyboard & Elgato Key Light
CORSAIR dropped a new pair of products this past week with a brand new mechanical keyboard as well as a new light from Elgato First up, we have the new K70 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which takes a vast improvement over the key modeling and lighting from previous versions, as well as made the[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Their New ONE i300 During CES 2022
CORSAIR has revealed and launched a brand new item during CES 2022 today as they unveiled the brand new CORSAIR One i300 Adding another option to their line of compact desktop PCs, this one comes equipped with 12th Gen Intel Core processors, along with the formidable and powerful Intel Core i9-12900K The company also stacked[...]
SCUF Gaming Reveals New Gaming Controllers For PS5
CORSAIR and SCUF Gaming revealed a new line of high-performance gaming controllers for the PS5 which they're calling The Reflex The controller will be coming out in three different versions named the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS, each of them coming with its own variations depending on the kind of gamer you are What's[...]
CORSAIR Unveils The XENEON 32QHD165 Gaming Monitor
CORSAIR revealed a brand new gaming monitor this week to join their line of peripherals as they showed off the Xeneon 32QHD165 This particular model was a redesign of their previous model in multiple ways as they have created an ultra-slim 32-inch QHD screen with an IPS LED panel that produces a crystal clear 2560×1440[...]
Giveaway: CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Would you like to win a CORSAIR K100 RGB Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard now compatible with OperaGX? All you need is a Twitter account Opera revealed this week that they have now partnered with CORSAIR to bring in iCue integration to their Opera GX browser Meaning all of the light-up programming you can do with CORSAIR's[...]
CORSAIR Reveals The Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
CORSAIR revealed a brand new gaming mouse this week for their peripherals line with the Sabre RGB Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse This version builds on previous models of the same line with a slightly more streamlined design and upgrades to make it more powerful and responsive as a wireless mouse compared to being wired in[...]
CORSAIR & Ubisoft Partner Up On Far Cry 6 Experience
CORSAIR and Ubisoft have come together to offer up a special kind of experience for those looking forward to Far Cry 6 The two have worked together to provide an intense lighting and gaming experience as you will be able to see it through their iCUE system Those who have iCUE software-compatible components and peripherals[...]
CORSAIR Reveals HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset
CORSAIR revealed a brand new piece of gaming gear this morning with the announcement of the HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset This one slightly improves on the previous model as they offer up gamers top wireless tech, a better and much more comfortable new design, durable construction, and a refined style We have the full[...]
CORSAIR Unveils Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Cooling System
CORSAIR unveiled a brand new item for sale today as they have released details on the Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Distribution Plate For those looking for a different kind of option for their tower, this is a unique universal 360mm distribution plate system that operates a tad differently than others This one drives[...]
CORSAIR Unveils New Full-Tower 7000 Series Cases
CORSAIR revealed a brand new series of full-tower cases this morning as the company showed off the 7000 series To be a little more specific, these are full-tower ATX cases designed to help accommodate the biggest, most ambitious builds people can put together They come in two different models with the CORSAIR 7000D AIRFLOW (which[...]