Curve Digital & Muse Games Announce "Embr" For PC

Curve Digital and Muse Games announced a new game this week as their firefighting multiplayer "unsimulator" Embr is headed to PC this year. This is basically what happens when you try to create a fire-fighting game and decide midway through to just have fun with it. There's no way to take this one seriously, which is why we're looking forward to it. The whole premise behind this is that citizens across the globe have now embraced the "gig economy", much like rideshare and home delivery. So now when there's a fire emergency, people turn to their phones and dial up a response team as opposed to 911. What happens from there is basically the most hilarious way to respond to a fire possible. Here's a quick quote from the announcement about the game's development.

Embr Main Art
Credit: Curve Digital

"Embr is set in a hyper-capitalist, deregulated alt-present world where public firefighting funding has run dry, and venture capitalism and e-hailing rule the roost," says Howard Tsao, Team Lead at Muse Games. "If that all sounds rather loaded – and, indeed, familiar – the gameplay itself is far more upbeat. It's fair to say our take on firefighting isn't exactly like for like. Our 'Embr Respondrs' might be untrained and unskilled, but they're a creative bunch, and it's fair to say their solutions for putting out those domestic blazes are as brilliantly makeshift as they are ridiculously entertaining."

Right now there doesn't appear to be a timetable on when the game will be released beyond the year 2020. We do know that it will come to Steam's Early Access first before it gets a full release. In the meantime, you can enjoy the trailer below and see all the fun the game has to offer when it does come out. As weird as it sounds, it has great potential to be a top game.

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