Dataminers Discover Even More Bloodborne Bosses Cut from the Final Game

Dataminers Discover Even More Bloodborne Bosses Cut from the Final Game
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A few weeks back, a Bloodborne data miner found a boss that was removed from the final cut of the game. That particular boss find was noteworthy because it featured our flaming blade-handed nemesis from the initial game footage which featured the Chalice Dungeons. This week's find includes several bosses and even an NPC who were cut from the finished product.

YouTuber Sanadsk specializes in uncovering hidden content and lore in the Souls series and decided to move on to the unofficial Souls game Bloodborne. In a recent video he's offered a new look at some of these unused Bloodborne enemies, bosses, and even an NPC. We aren't sure exactly why they were cut from the final game and likely won't ever get a clear reason. It could be their storylines or locations were scrapped or the enemy types were found to be too similar to previously existing ones and scrapped for that reason alone.

You can check out Saadsk's video below. One of the enemies is a fantastic three-headed demon with wings that I kind of wish made it into the final game because who doesn't love three-headed demons?

There's also a scholar NPC who Sanadsk says would be encountered in Byrgenwerth. What he was meant to do, we don't know. But he looks a bit, well, hilarious.

I hope you all enjoyed this video and make sure to like and subscribe for more content! – Model sizes compared to the player:… Special thanks to id-daemon and luxos18 for their tremendous help in making this video! – For anyone interested in the tools, you can find them on Xentax and Zenhax, but the files aren't publicly released at the moment. Once they are released, I'll be sharing my databases and spreadsheets for the models to the public as well. Music by: PokeMixr92

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