Dataminers Find 50 New Items In 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds'

Bluehole has been doing their best work to get regular updates for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and by all accounts, the community has adored them for all their hard work. Apparently, they've been putting a lot more work into the game than we originally assumed, as dataminers have discovered a bevy of secrets within the game's current code that seem to just be in waiting to be unlocked.

Dataminers Find 50 New Items In 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds'

Since the information isn't released, we ourselves won't publish any of the photos ourselves. But if you'd like to take a quick trip to this Imgur link before it gets torn down, you'll see a lot of unique items that either were not included in the game for one reason or another or are currently a part of the code waiting for the signal to go live.

The vast majority of what's in here is cosmetic. Various designs on shirts, hats, goggles, coats, pants and other gear that will probably serve the same amount of protection to bullets as most of the gear in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. But a couple key items do catch our eye like the half suit of armor with spikes, a new duffle bag that looks like it carries more than a Level 3 Backpack, and a couple different gas masks that may serve better than the current ones in the game. Only time will tell how much of this is new and when we'll get to see any of it. But just browsing down the images, a lot of it looks great, and I can't wait to get some of the rainbow-colored gear so I look like a manager at Hot Dog On A Stick.

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