Dauntless Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary With New Additions

Phoenix Labs has released new details for their upcoming celebration in Dauntless as they mark the game's three-year anniversary. Not only that, but the game is also marking its 30 Million player milestone, which they just happened to cross around the exact same time. The team has released a new update, totally free, which will add in a number of new activities to do, things to collect, and trials to take on. Like the behemoth you see below that will give you a bit of a workout. You can read more about it below as this is going to be one of the largest content updates to the game for 2022.

Dauntless Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary With New Additions
Credit: Phoenix Labs

In the latest Dauntless update, players have access to a new Radiant-themed Escalation to complete the elemental set. The capstone behemoth of Radiant Escalation is Chronovore, who will be removed from Paradox Breaks. All of Chronovore's gear, legendary weapons, rumors, and more will now be available exclusively in Radiant Escalation, matching the other capstone Behemoths. Lightbound Koshai also joins the roster of Behemoths players face in Radiant Escalation. In addition to the usual mods, amps, talents, rewards, and more that players have come to expect, this Escalation adds a new puzzling wrinkle – each of the first four rounds will have a hidden symbol to find and recall later in the run. Players need to input the correct sequence of symbols into a set of rotating pillars – correct entry will grant an extra amp selection before entering the final arena.

This update also marks the debut of a brand-new Behemoth called Alyra, who is the first Behemoth with the ability to shift its aetheric attunement. Blaze glyphs allow it to breathe hot flames, frost glyphs allow it to summon freezing winds, and so on across the entire aetheric spectrum, outside of umbral. Thanks to this chameleon-like ability to change its aetheric properties, players need to be prepared for anything against an Alyra. As an added bonus to celebrate the Dauntless three-year anniversary, content from "Hidden Blades" Hunt Pass, which accompanied Dauntless' console and Epic Games Store launch in May 2019, is also now available in the new "Shadow Slayers" Hunt Pass. This content includes a number of cosmetics that enable Slayers to embrace their inner assassin.

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