Dead By Daylight: A Nightmare On Elm Street Is Out On Console Today

Freddy's back, kids. Behavior Interactive announced today that Dead By Daylight's A Nightmare On Elm Street expansion is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. Freddy Krueger is the third fully licensed character to come to the asymmetrical horror game, and he certainly won't be the last, however, the team at Behavior will still be focusing on telling their own original stories as well as bringing our favorite horror films to life.

Starbreeze Publishing together with Behaviour Digital are today releasing the iconic character Freddy Krueger as a killer in the asymmetrical horror smash-hit Dead by Daylight for consoles. A Nightmare on Elm Street™ is a classic tale of horror where players get to wield Freddy Krueger's classic glove and claw as a primary weapon. Freddy's new power, "Dream Demon" will play a trick on Survivors as they fall asleep and becomes trapped in Freddy's never-ending Nightmare. Quentin Smith is the Chapter's new Survivor – a young man with an urge to stay awake as he knows what happens if he goes to bed – pills and energy drinks are frequently consumed to avoid death. Freddy and Quentin will fight it out at Badham Preschool – the place where Freddy was shaped into the revenge seeking Killer he is now, and the place where Quentin faces true terror.
The new Chapter is now be available with a suggested retail price of $7.99 on XBOX One and PlayStation 4.
A Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter includes:
  • 1 New Killer + Perks and Power – Freddy Krueger
  • 1 New Survivor + Perks – Quentin Smith
  • 1 New Map – Springwood: Badham Preschool
You can check Freddy out in the official trailer below.

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