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Devilated Receives New Update & Trailer In Early Access

Neon Doctrine has given Devilated a brand new update this week, as well as a new trailer showing off many of the new additions.

Indie game developer Trunka and publisher Neon Doctrine have released a new update for their Early Access boomer shooter, Devilated. The game has been sitting in Early Access for over two and a half years, and while updates to it have been slow, they are at least moving forward with them instead of just being stagnant. You can see the trailer below, as Version 0.9 is now available for you to play. However, there is still no timeframe for a Version 1.0 release.

Credit: Neon Doctrine

"In this hybrid RPG boomer shooter, embrace the evil deep inside your heart and slash, smash, slaughter, stone, sacrifice, shoot, 'splode, slice, and shovel — *takes an angry inhale* — your way through legions of bloodthirsty creatures. Style and savagery are rewarded via a combo meter, keeping score of your viscousness; to keep your score up, use bullet time to decimate enemies. With Devilated's RPG mechanics, you'll feel a nice sense of progression as you unlock new weapons and abilities, manage your inventory armory, and strategize what weapon stats best fit your playstyle. Whether you want to glide and slide your way through the gibs of enemies with a katana or rip them apart from afar with one of Devilated's many, many guns, there's been no better time to jump in and show your dark side."

  • Choose Your Path: 30 labyrinthian levels and 30 insane bosses! Modders can also create their own maps and make them available through the Steam Workshop!
  • Whatever it Takes: Unlock 100+ weapons, around 70 items, and utilize advanced combat abilities like bullet time, dashing, and dual-wielding. Equip various weapons and form your own playstyle; wanna wield several Rocket Launchers at once? We won't stop you.
  • New Game + (Slaughter Rank): Play for an unhealthy length of time and unlock your true potential with NG+! The enemy count keeps on growing. Can you handle it?
  • Check Every Corner: Find secret easter eggs that give a glimpse into the madman behind Devilated.
  • I Believe I Can Fry: Say hello to Furfur, a demonic winged deer that teaches you how to glide and maneuver like a majestic abomination through hell.

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