Did God Of War Ragnarök's Release Date Get Leaked?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio are setting up God Of War Ragnarök for a release sometime in 2022. Recently there was a leak on Twitter that had placement art, like the one you see below, posted up on the PlayStation database suggesting that the game had a target date of September 30th, 2022. The word of the date got around so quickly that a lot of people took it as an absolute confirmation that this was going to be the official date, and that they should lock in their plans to get a PS5 before the end of Summer to play it. However, some new news came to light in that has made people wonder if that's really the right date.

Did God Of War Ragnarök's Release Date Get Leaked?
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Another leak happened up a short time after the first one, which you can see in the Twitter post below. It shows a piece of clipped artwork from a website categorizing the game's rating in Saudi Arabia as "M". Most of the time, unless a game is super controversial, people don't really read much into the rating system around the world as every country has their own way of rating different games depending on the region and what each area deems appropriate for certain ages. However, the thing that got a lot of people's attention is the fact that we're seeing a game rating for a September title in the middle of Winter. Usually, ratings don't go out until a game is nearing release so that retailers and other companies can plan for it. To get a rating this soon has now started the rumor mill that the game is coming out a lot sooner than expected.

Could we be seeing God Of War Ragnarök in the next couple of months? While that would be awesome, it also feels rushed, especially when you consider the fact that people are still having issues getting ahold of the PS5, the very console it's supposed to be exclusive to. Meaning SIE is possibly taking some of the game's sales ahead of time based on the fact that there isn't a wise base of owners. Honestly, the Fall sounds like the better plan as they try to get more units out to North American and European markets. But hey, this is all just speculation based on possible leaks. Fort all we know, the game won't see the light of day until November 2022 for the holidays, or get pushed back for some reason.

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