Donald Trump's Possible Tariff Could Well Make Games And Consoles More Expensive In The US


There are many important things the election of Donald Trump is going to affect in the coming weeks, months and years. One such thing being considered is a tariff on foreign products that looks like it might be about to be proposed.

The reason I write about this on the gaming section of Bleeding Cool though, is that this tarrif (as pointed out by Polygon), would likely affect the price of games and games consoles. If a blanket policy was put over products this would affect both, as many gaming goods are made overseas. All of the three major consoles are made in China for example.

The word is that the original idea would be a 5% tax on goods, but that might have raised to 10% now.

Of course, games are one of the least important things to consider with the incoming president for many, but it would be a very tangible thing that would affect a lot of people. That's even before you get to other products the tariff would affect too.