Doom Now Supports Motion Controls on the Nintendo Switch

Thanks to a new update, Doom now supports motion controls on the Nintendo Switch.


Doom won a lot of people over in 2016 due to how good it felt to shoot and murder demons. The tight controls, the gun-feel and the glorious gore-filled destruction all mixed together to make a potent cocktail. It's one of video game's biggest surprises in a while, and will likely be remembered as a real gem for years to come. On top of that, last year it saw a re-release on the Nintendo Switch, meaning you could take the demon hunting on your commute.

The game has just seen a new update though that will see it make use of another aspect of the Switch's functionality: motion controls. As part of patch 1.1.1, gyro-based controls have been added as an option for free. You can now move your perspective around by moving your hands and the controllers, making it something akin to Splatoon. It looks pretty neat too. While motion controlled shooters in the past haven't always been great, this looks like a neat way to play. You can check it out in action here with this video by Jahranimo (via Eurogamer).

This looks like it might add to the experience honestly. It's hard to say if it is 'better' than normal controls without getting stuck in, and I'm sure everyone will have a different opinion. That said, regardless of if you will enjoy it or not, it's cool the functionality has been put in for free well after release. This probably wasn't the easiest to implement and it really is pretty interesting, so why not go check it out?

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