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DOOM Eternal Devs Astonished By 27 Minute Speedrun

The folks over at id Software along with Bethesda Softworks went out of their way to make this an awesome experience with different levels of difficulty to give you your money's worth Depending on how average of a gamer you are, you can finish it up in about 304 hours if you're rushing it If[...]

DOOM Eternal Soundtrack

DOOM Eternal's Soundtrack Is Available For The Collector's Edition

The word came down on id Software's official Twitter page, letting fans know that the entire composed by Mick Gordon is now available to download What's more, the OST will soon be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other music services in the weeks to come One of the biggest annoyances some fans had with the[...]

DOOM Eternal Review-6

An Experience That Will Melt The Brain: We Review "DOOM Eternal"

Ever since Bethesda Softworks resurrected DOOM for the masses back in 2016, fans knew a sequel like DOOM Eternal was inevitable. The first original game in twelve years brought the franchise back to where it needed to be. One man on a mission to destroy every demon in his path and seal every gate from […]

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Dress Up the Doom Slayer as a Pretty Unicorn in "DOOM Eternal"

DOOM Eternal may very well be one of the most badass games to come out in 2020. So what better title to run around in as a magical unicorn slaying demons everywhere you go? DOOM Eternal will let you prance around as the Doom Slayer in a pink and white unicorn costume, thanks to a […]

Going To Hell And Back Again With "DOOM Eternal" At E3 2019

New "DOOM Eternal" Gameplay Revealed During QuakeCon 2019

Specifically, they showed off more footage of the upcoming multiplayer they'll be adding to the game called Battlemode, where one really amazing DOOM Soldier will take on two players where one is a massive baddie and the other is a grunt-type character.[caption id="attachment_1048615" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bethesda Softworks[/caption]The development team at id Software confirmed that there[...]

Bethesda Softworks Debuts The "DOOM Eternal" Trailer At E3

Bethesda Softworks Debuts The "DOOM Eternal" Trailer At E3

Pre-order DOOM Eternal to receive a DOOT Revenant Skin for use in DOOM Eternal multiplayer called BattleMode, a “Cultist Base” Master Level, and a throwback Shotgun weapon skin. Introducing BattleMode, DOOM Eternal’s brand-new 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience built from the ground up at id Software A fully-armed DOOM Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons,[...]

Dark Horse Lanches Critical Role, The Orville and Black Hammer/Justice League in July 2019 Solicitations

Rise Of The Ghosts Expansion Revealed For "Rage 2" at E3 2019

During their E3 showcase this evening, Bethesda Softworks decided to show off more of the content on the way for Rage 2 over the summer. Along with a number of additional vehicles, weapons, and characters on the way, you're going to be getting a new expansion called "Rise Of The Ghosts". This is an addition […]

Doom Vs Doom Patrol - iD Software to Oppose DC Comics' Trademark Application

Doom Vs Doom Patrol – DC Comics Vs iD Software Over Trademark Application

But it looks like iD Software, creators of the game Doom, are not entirely happy about that DC Comics was granted the trademark in two sets of categories, the first to cover; Entertainment services in the nature of ongoing live-action, comedy, drama, animated and reality television programs; production of live-action, comedy, drama, animated and reality television[...]

Bethesda Softworks Let Us Try Out Rage 2 At PAX East 2019

Bethesda Softworks Let Us Try Out Rage 2 At PAX East 2019

One of the fun little off-site surprises we got at PAX East this year was Bethesda Softworks showing off Rage 2 in a hotel comedy club, which we gladly played! This particular demo was set on a 20-minute timer, so we basically had to jump in and go with what we had, which was a […]

John Romero is Releasing New DOOM Content

Not the remake.While a DOOM megawad is typical a fan-made batch of 15+ levels, Romero is using the term himself given the update is not coming from id Software "Sigil" comes with 18 new levels, 9 of which are single-player while the other 9 are deathmatch levels.From Variety: It’s the spiritual successor to the fourth episode[...]

A New Rage 2 Trailer will Premiere During the Game Awards

As of this morning, Bethesda and id Software announced that Rage 2 will be showing off some a new trailer during the award ceremony In typical Rage fashion, that is. honestly don't know what the new trailer is going to be, but gameplay is a pretty solid bet After all, Rage 2 is a game built on gratuitous[...]

quake champions

Quake Champions has Gone Free-to-Play Permanently

During their QukeCon presentation, Bethesda announced that Quake Champions is going free-to-play permanently. There isn't a lot out there quite like Quake Champions. Competitive first-person shooters right now have a certain groove and vibe across the board, and while things like time to kill and structure change wildly from game to game, there isn't a lot […]

Doom Eternal Logo

Doom Eternal Gets its Gameplay Reveal Showcasing Demon Crushing Action

Bethesda and Id Software has finally lifted the curtain on Doom Eternal, giving us our first look at the game in action.Doom Eternal was announced earlier this year at E3, much to the delight of many The Doom reboot from 2016 took the world by storm, it becoming one of the year's most beloved games[...]

Doom Eternal Logo

Doom Eternal Will See Its Gameplay Reveal Next Month

The reboot was, as stated, excellent, and it will be interesting to see if Id Software has kept it largely the same or has expanded in any significant way on the gameplay loop We will have to see where Doom Guy's next adventure takes us in August.Bethesda has announced that we will get our[...]

id Software Promises Rage 2 Will Not Have Loot Boxes

[caption id="attachment_847458" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bethesda[/caption]Bethesda has kept their games well away from the loot box controversy, and it appears as if that trend will continue with Rage 2. Speaking with game publication GameStar (via USGamer), id Software promised to keep Rage 2 free of loot boxes However, the game will have live service features[...]

Rage 2 got a Release Date and Lengthy Gameplay Highlight Trailer

The game is being developed by id Software and Avalanche Studios Confirmed platforms so far are PS4, Xbox One, and PC.You can check out the gameplay reveal trailer below. [caption id="attachment_847458" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bethesda[/caption]Today, Bethesda Softwors revealed that the newly announced Rage 2 will be released in Spring 2019, and will be a fully open-world "shooterverse." That[...]

id Software Will be Adding Bots to Quake Champions

[caption id="attachment_704543" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Bethesda[/caption]id Software's Community Director, Joshua Boyle and Technical Director, John Dean released a new video discussing the inclusion of bots in their multiplayer machine, Quake Champions.According to the devs, Quake Champions will soon feature in-game bots, which gamers will be able to use as practice[...]

Bethesda's DOOM is Getting a Physical CD and Vinyl Soundtrack Release

Bethesda and id Software made the official announcement today that the 2016 version of DOOM will have its soundtrack released in physical form, both on CD and vinyl copies for enthusiasts of both formats The complete soundtrack will be released as a double disc format on CD and four records for vinyl, with the vinyl pressing in[...]

Doom Video Games

Doom Now Supports Motion Controls on the Nintendo Switch

Thanks to a new update, Doom now supports motion controls on the Nintendo Switch. Doom won a lot of people over in 2016 due to how good it felt to shoot and murder demons. The tight controls, the gun-feel and the glorious gore-filled destruction all mixed together to make a potent cocktail. It's one of video […]

QuakeCon 2018

QuakeCon 2018 to be Held in Dallas this August with Free Entry

QuakeCon is an annual celebration held by Bethesda and id Software's parent company ZeniMax Media to celebrate all things Quake.According to the press release, QuakeCon 2018 is set to begin on Thursday, August 9th and will conclude on Sunday, August 12th The four-day event will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center located in[...]