Doomfist Gets an Excellent New Overwatch Skin For Halloween Terror Event

Blizzard has revealed a look at Doomfist's new Legendary skin for the upcoming Overwatch event, Halloween Terror, next week.


Overwatch has been around long enough now that there is no shortage of great skins in the game. After all the events over the years, there is quite a library of things to dress up our favourite characters in. From standard skins, Overwatch League ones and, of course, the ones that come with each seasonal event, there is a lot to customise your mains. It's about time we got another one of those too it would seem.

As previously reported, Halloween Terror is back this year and with it will be a whole host of new cosmetic items and new play modes. On the skins front, it seems things are off to a strong start though. The official Twitter account showed off the first skin from the collection, this time focusing on Doomfist. Taking inspiration from the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Doomfish… *ahem*… Doomfist has taken on a bit of an aquatic look to spook the players. You can take a look at the skin here.

I love the Halloween Overwatch skins probably the best. There have been so many strong ones, the event never seems to disappoint with its horror-themed skins. From Reaper's Pumpkinhead, Zenyatta's Cthulhu and several others, the upcoming one has a lot to live up to. If this Doomfist skin is anything to go by though, there is plenty to be excited for in the future. The event starts October 9, 2018 on all platforms.