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Dragon Ball Super Reveals Perfect Combination: Cabba

Hit and Super Saiyan Cabba feature on new cards from Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Zenkai Series - Perfect Combination expansion.

Article Summary

  • Revealing Perfect Combination, the 23rd set for Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
  • This expansion includes God Rare cards and focuses on Trunks' saga stories.
  • New cards Hit from Universe 6 and Super Saiyan 2 Cabba to debut in this set.
  • Stay updated with more Zenkai Series card previews and Dragon Ball collectibles.

Bandai has revealed the next Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. After some teases, the main website for the game has announced with a new banner that the title of this set is Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination. This is the sixth expansion of the Zenkai Series and is overall the 23rd main series Dragon Ball Super Card Game set. This set does include a God Rare that has not yet been revealed. This will be the fifth God Rare in the hobby after Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta from Realm of the Gods, Bardock from Rise of the Z-Legends, Son Goku from Wild Resurgence, and Super Saiyan Gogeta from Critical Blow. This expansion, which will be the last standard Zenkai Series set before this series block is retitled Zenkai Series EX, includes multiple focuses, which will be introduced via these previews. The first confirmed focuses of Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination is the Future Trunks Saga, the Saiyan Saga, and the History of Trunks, making this quite a Trunks-themed set. Other focuses include the Tournament of Power. Today, let's take a look at more cards from the Blue-colored section of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Zenkai Series – Perfect Combination.

Perfect Combination cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Perfect Combination cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The newly revealed cards include SS Cabba, Saiyan From Universe 5 and Hit, Killer From Universe 6. These cards are both inspired by the Tournament of Power. Hit was originally depicted as the new unbeatable height to which Goku needed to aspire, but Hit and his time-jumping blips were totally outclassed by Jiren in this saga. This saga treated Cabba better, with the Saiyan going Super Saiyan 2 during the bout.

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