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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Will Launch On PlayStation This May

Chromatic Games revealed this week that they will be launching Dungeon Defenders: Awakened onto PlayStation consoles in May. the tower defense action RPG title has been pretty successful on other platforms, but up until now has yet to be on the PS4 or PS5. Now players will be able to experience the game to its fullest as they will be releasing what is essentially a complete version of the game. Coming with all of its updates, DLC, and other content over time. You can check out more about the game below and see the latest trailer, showing off what it will look like on both consoles. The game will officially drop on May 3rd, 2022.

Promotional artwork for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, courtesy of Chromatic Games.
Promotional artwork for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, courtesy of Chromatic Games.

Drop into the dungeons of Etheria once more to defend its precious crystals from power-hungry evildoers. Prepare to repel the enemy's advance by assembling defensive blockades and damage-dealing towers to destroy oncoming waves of trolls, goblins, and other devious foes. Keep the barricades strong during grueling battles while picking off enemies in third-person combat with one of seven battle-hardened Defenders.

Wield each hero's specialized weapons, abilities, and towers. Place discrete traps with the Huntress, massive barricades with the Squire, and minion spawning vessels with the Warden to subdue incoming villains. Once the battlefield is laid, leap into action and personally rip through hordes of monstrous invaders. Cash in experience points to buff Defenders' vitality, attack, power, range, and other stats to customize builds and give each warrior an edge. When the waves have cleared, collect the spoils of war and equip upgraded armor, weapons, and accessories to aid in future skirmishes. Progress through a multi-arc story campaign, battling through gorgeous fantasy environments, or test the Defenders' wit and will across seven distinctive game modes with local or online multiplayer.

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