E3: Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2 The Game Fans Made

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3,

The major highlight of Bandai Namco's DBZ Xenoverse 2 demonstration was the fact that this game was built based off fan feedback about the major snags and drawbacks in Xenoverse 1. Maybe thats just because you usually don't hear development teams taking in every suggestion made by players, or maybe its because the story is just beyond me.

Xenoverse 2 follows the events of the first DBZ Xenoverse game. You can create a character from one of four different races, with a more in-depth character creation system, and you can walk around several different locations, rather than just Toki-Toki city, and it includes a much larger hub world. You are still traveling around and trying to restore the DBZ universe's timeline, much like in the first Xenoverse, reliving the Dragon Ball anime and changing the outcome of specific battles.

Xenoverse 2 will include new characters, new boss fights, and will be updated up to one year after launch. Expect it to drop worldwide sometime this Fall.

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