Elder Scrolls Online Just Got A Real Estate Agent In Homestead

The world of Elder Scrolls Online has gotten pretty vast and received its fair share of DLC, but none have piqued our interest more than the first major DLC of 2017 in Homestead. In a move that almost takes a page out of properties like Second Life and Sword Art Online, you can now purchase a home in Tamriel for your characters to live in.


Bethesda released the DLC today on PC today with the PS4 and Xbox One updates coming on February 21. The DLC gives you 40 different homes to choose from, fitting pretty much any character that you choose to play as along with their wealth and status to show off to other players just how awesome you are. Your first home is free after you make your way through the tutorial quest, and you can choose to stay there if you wish, but you must complete the tutorial before you're able to purchase anything bigger or better.




The one downside to the entire DLC that may turn some players off is that, much like a real home, they come unfurnished. You have two options for this: you can either purchase items through the game at one of the many shops that now sell furnishings and through the Crown Store, or you can craft your own using items in the game and your skills. We advise going for option two since it seems easier and cheaper to build a bookshelf rather than buying one, but that choice is totally up to you.




You can find far more details on the DLC at this link, happy home hunting!

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