Epic Games Releases New Ant-Man Cosmetics For Fortnite

Epic Games added a new cosmetic into Fortnite this week from the Marvel collection as players now have some Ant-Man gear. When Epic and Marvel came together last season for that amazing crossover event, there were a lot of opportunities left on the table that fans would have been head over heels for. Especially fans of the MCU hoping they might see some of their favorites be added to the game before they moved on. One of the noticeable missing characters that people were surprised wasn't added to the mix was Ant-Man, as it seems like the character would have been a perfect fit for the absurdity of it all. Well, now you can have him as they revealed on Twitter this evening that the character is now available as a set of cosmetics in the shop. Along with a cocktail olive for your axe and a flying ant as your glider. You can read the official info from, EG below about the addition, which you should probably get now since there's no telling how long it will remain there.

A look at the Ant-Man gear and more in Fortnite, which you can get in the item shop now. Courtesy of Epic Games.
A look at the Ant-Man gear and more in Fortnite, which you can get in the item shop now. Courtesy of Epic Games.

Designed by scientist Hank Pym, size up your opponents wearing the iconic Ant-Man suit — available now in the Item Shop. The Item Shop also features the Toothpick Pickaxe and Ant-Man's trusty steed, Ant-Tonio, who will have your back… or at least be your Back Bling. Ant-Man may be his human height on the Island, but that doesn't mean you can't shrink him down with the power of perspective. For our next Fortography theme, make Ant-Man (or any character!) seem tiny with your in-game photos. This means more than just zoomed-out screenshots — use your photography skills to make your subject seem legitimately micro. (For example: Make a tree seem giant in comparison!) Share your photos with us on Twitter by using the #Fortography hashtag!

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