Evercade Announces Renovation Collection One For 2022

Evercade announced their latest retro games collection, set to be released in 2022, as we're getting the Renovation Collection One. The collection comes from a collaboration between Blaze Entertainment and Edia Co Ltd, as the collection will come with twelve 16-bit retro games, originally released by the publisher Telenet Japan and Renovation in the United States. The twelve games in the collection are Arcus Odyssey, Beast Wrestler, Dino Land, El Viento, Exile, Final Zone, Gaiares, Granada, Sol-Deace, Traysia, Valis: The Fantasm Soldier, and Valis 3. Pre-orders will go up sometime in November 2021 with shipping happening in early 2022. We got more info on the collection below as we now wait for the company to figure out how much they're gonna charge for it all.

Evercade Announces Renovation Collection One For 2022
Credit: Evercade

This collection brings something to the Evercade physical cartridge system that the community and users have been asking for. Rare titles, interesting imports, and a wider mix of great Japanese-developed video games. The inclusion of JRPGs and Shoot 'em ups will be of great interest to Evercade fans and to collectors who wish to get their hands on fully licensed versions of these games. Like all Evercade releases, this will come with a physical clamshell case with a printed manual included. This will be the 23rd retro gaming cartridge from Evercade featuring home console releases and will be numbered as cartridge 23.

This new collection will also be playable on all Evercade systems and marks the start of an incredible lineup of cartridges and collections for 2022. The Evercade gaming system is a cartridge-based, retro gaming family that provides gamers with fully licensed curated collections of games from the past, and new collections of retro-inspired independent titles. The Handheld allows for gamers to play their games on the go while the VS (Releasing Nov 2021) will allow for cartridges to be played on your TV with up to four players.


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