Exogate Initiative Confirmed Mid-April Release For PC

Xeno Bits will be taking you around the universe with their new sci-fi game Exogate Initiative, due out on April 18th.

Indie developer and publisher Xeno Bits has confirmed that their sci-fi game Exogate Initiative is headed to PC via Steam next month. The game is basically an homage to the film and TV series Stargate as you're playing a management sim designed to build an interstellar gateway to explore worlds around the universe with the same kind of gateway, and maintain a facility centered around its functionality. Because we're not just sending astronauts or marines through space, and they're not just bringing back t-shirts from the trip. The game will be out on April 18th, but before that, enjoy the latest trailer!

Exogate Initiative
Credit: Xeno Bits

"Manage humankind's first mission across the universe in Exogate Initiative! In the near future, a new technology allows us to travel instantly to anywhere in the universe via portals known as Exogates. An international initiative is created to develop these portals and explore the worlds beyond.  As head of the initiative, your job is to lead mankind into the vast unknown. Create a sprawling facility underground, recruit a diverse group of specialists from around the globe, and send them to mysterious new planets through the Exogate. As well as managing things on earth, you'll be called upon to make crucial decisions during each mission. Your choices will have a profound effect on the future of humankind, as well as the lives of your crew.

  • Plan, excavate, and build a sprawling underground research facility.
  • Build facilities to provide for the technical, physical, and emotional needs of your team.
  • Add new rooms and specialized equipment as the initiative grows in scope.
  • Recruit, train, and manage fully autonomous specialists from all around the world.
  • Discover new species of fauna, and even make contact with alien life.
  • Negotiate with allies and defend yourself from foes.
  • Help your team make life-or-death decisions during mission story beats.
  • Research new technologies and help the project grow.

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