Fallout 4 is Free to Play on Xbox Live This Weekend

You can try Fallout 4 completely free this weekend on Xbox One provided you have a subscription to Xbox Live.


Fallout 4 was understandably a big deal when it came out. The game was a huge release back in 2015, really setting the world on fire (pun unintended) when it was announced at that E3. It went from announcement to release in just a short few months, and while there were some significant niggles in the final release, it certainly kept fans pretty happy.

If you missed that boat when it sailed by though and haven't yet gotten to the game (plus have an Xbox One), well clear your plans over the weekend. As of now, the game is free to try. You can now download it to your system and play the full experience to your heart's content. No time barriers, no getting to one specific point, you can just enjoy the game straight from the off and go as long as you want.

As is often the case with these kinds of free to play weekends, the game has seen a discount too. The base game is 33% off, the GotY edition 40% and the Season Pass. if you already own the game but want to see more, is at a whopping 50%.

Also, if you are PC player asking when you'll get your turn, you only have to wait until next week.

If you have never played or even tried the game, I do implore you to at least check it out. It's pretty rough, but the title has some properly good bits that are more than worth experiencing. I'm sure you'll be sucked into the world in no time. If you want to cram it all into one weekend, I'll say, that is a lot of game to play in one. Have fun trying though.