Far Cry 5 Gets a Launch Trailer Introducing You to the Family

Ubisoft has released a launch trailer for Far Cry 5 which acts as a primer for the cult you will be taking on in the game.

Far cry 5

Hey, here's a rarity. A launch trailer for a video game on the actual day of launch. Yes, Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 is now out in the wild, bringing the beauty of Montana and an insanely creepy, dubious religious cult under the same roof for an explosive cocktail. It's easily one of the biggest game releases of the year thus far, with a lot of positive buzz flying around the title already.

To get you primed, here is that launch trailer. It focuses on the family at the centre of the story of Far Cry 5. There are four, each with different traits, from pure violence, terror and even some trippy looking drugs, you'll get introduced to all of the bad guys you will undoubtedly have to take down throughout the course of the game. It really seems like a whole host of bad guys, and I always did like it when sub-bosses have to be systematically beaten to get at the big bad; in this case, The Father Joseph Seed. Take a look for your self here:

This all looks suitably Far Cry. Those games have come to be so much about their villains, it's great to see that focus continued here. The game may rise or fall on how compelling they are, and this was a lovely little primer. Here's hoping it all pays off. The game is out now, so have at it.