Far Cry 5's Short Film Eden's Gate is Available Now

Far Cry 5 has just gotten its own short film and you can watch it now for free on Amazon Prime.

Far cry 5

One of Far Cry's defining features in the last few games has been its focus on antagonists. It's become a staple of the series to have a compelling and showy bad guy to thwart. Vaas and Pagen Min were some of the biggest driving forces in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5 isn't departing from that. This time the series is trying to shock and scare us with Joseph Seed, the leader of a zealous cult out for blood on a small town in Montana. We can get a much better look at him now too.

As teased by the trailer last week, the short film based on the game called Eden's Gate has just landed. The half an hour short follows three bloggers as they enter Hope County after reports of people missing and strange goings on. Before too long they meet Seed and his cult and… well things don't go great as you might expect. Greg Byrk plays Seed, as he does in the game, and it's a good look at what we can expect. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch it here for free.

I like this little approach to multimedia marketing. I've had some gripes with the game's marketing bouncing tone from silly to serious but this is a nice, longer example that certainly hits the creepier notes. It's a nice primer while being a fun watch in and of itself. Have at it.