Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Square Enix just gave FF7 fans something new to chew on as Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has a new gameplay trailer. The trailer was shown off during the Square Enix Presents livestream that happened over Tokyo Game Show 2021, as the company revealed a number of new little details about the next chapter to the FF7R series of titles being released. Along with the latest trailer, we're introduced to the fifth new combat style in the "Ninja", as well as several updates being included in the mix of this new upcoming battle royale mobile title. You can enjoy the trailer and more info on the game below.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Receives New Gameplay Trailer
Credit: Square Enix

The newly announced Ninja style in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier places heavy emphasis on mobility, and is equipped with a double jump — good for stealth and ambush. Players can enjoy melee combat by throwing shuriken stars, allowing for a unique fighting style. Abilities with the Ninja style include: "Hide" – where players can turn themselves invisible for a certain amount of time, and "Flurry" – where players can throw their Kunai dagger and teleport to wherever it hits.

The company also announced a new "Collection" feature for players to obtain special pieces from Secret Boxes, monster drops, or certain special missions and exchange them for special items to update their look. These collections will be updated seasonally. Lastly, for newer players, the game will incorporate a new training mode, a place where players can experiment combat strategies that match their own style. This training mode can be accessed at any time. As showcased in the closed beta version, players can choose between various styles, each of whom boast unique special abilities:

  • Warrior – specializes in close-ranged melee attacks.
  • Sorcerer – mid-ranged AoE attacks is this Style's specialty; their basic magic spells Fire, Blizzard and Thunder are powered up.
  • Monk – high-vitality Style, who has self-healing and shield abilities.
  • Ranger – skilled in seeking out enemies and sniping them from afar.

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