Final Kombat 2020: Winners/Losers Quarterfinals Match Results

We're reporting live in Chicago! …From the 27th floor of a hotel room to bring you the results of today's Final Kombat 2020 tournament for Mortal Kombat 11. After the coronavirus concerns made the organizers decide to do an empty arena (except for crew, players, and essential staff), the rest of us were left to do our coverage remotely. As I wait for room service to give me fresh towels, here are the results for the Winners and Losers brackets in the Quarterfinals.

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Credit: WB Games

Winners Bracket Match One: SonixFox vs. Rewind

SonicFox brought in their Joker again while Rewind brought in his Jacqui Briggs. Rewind started off with a quick victory in game one that looked like he had Sonic's number, but Sonic came back with a pair of victories that secured them the 1-0 lead. The second game was far more even as the two traded body blocks and combos from a sliver of an opening. the match again went 2-1 in favor of Sonic.

Game three saw Sonic make a few errors in judgment as Rewind was able to walk all over them for the first victory. Followed up with an even trade-off, but Rewind eeked out a second win to make it 1-2. Game four felt like it was back to being even with the two trading off wins. Sonic appeared to be on the ropes but came back with a fatal blow combo that scored them the win with a 301 victory.

Winner: Sonicfox (3-1)


Winners Bracket Match Two: Kombat vs. A F0xy Grampa

The first game started with Grampa bringing in Shang Tsung while Kombat brought in Johnny Cage. This match was basically a no-contest affair as Kombat got beat so badly both times from the Warlock build for a two victory sweep with Grampa going up 1-0. Kombat switched to Geras and made quick work of Grampa to return the favor. Two victories later and we were tied up 1-1.

After that defeat, Grampa switched up his character and went for a Lotus build of Kong Lao. After taking the first loss, he snagged two hard-fought victories by using the combos to give him the win twice in a row, going up 2-1. Kombat decided to stick with it and earned another pair of clean wins using temporal combos for the 2-2 tie. For some reason, Grampa decided to switch characters again and went with Nightwolf. The move didn't pay off as the two traded off victories for the 1-1 at match point, but Kombat edged him out for the win and the 3-2 victory to move on.

Winner: Kombat (3-2)


Winners Bracket Match Three: Dragon vs. Deoxys

This is the point in the tournament where I needed a bathroom break. (Sorry kids, I can't just sit in a chair forever and watch everything.) When I came back, Dragon was already up 2-0. I wasn't even gone that long! Take that as a testament as to how good he is. The third match saw the two trade off victories as Dragon rocked it with Cetrion while Deoxys was running with Jacqui Briggs. Sadly, the combo and anti-air moves weren't enough for Deoxys as Dragon put him to rest and moved on with the clean sweep.

Winner: Dragon (3-0)


Winners Bracket Match Four: Ninjakilla_212 vs Tweedy

Ninja came in with a Liu Kang with Dragon's Breath while Tweedy dropped is Geras with the Infinite Warden build. The first match saw Ninja make quick work of the match, basically putting on a clinic for Lui Kang and took the first match with a quick two victories to go up 1-0. TWeedy was not in the mood to be finished off that way, taking the first win in the second match, taking a loss on the second but coming back for the 2-1 win to tie it up 1-1.

Game three was much of the same from the first as the two traded off victories, neither really having a positive edge over the other. A close third fight, but Ninja landed a crucial blow and then showed off at the end as he went up 2-1. Game four had tweedy pulling off more of his temporal moves, following into a fatal blow and a sandtrap for the first win. The second game showed tweedy hitting a pair of crushing blows, putting him in a tough spot. A couple of combos switched between the two ended in Tweedy scoring the third win to tie it 2-2 with match point on the line.

Ninja switched it up with a character change and went with Johnny Cage. But it was all for naught as Tweedy took the first win with a fatal blow comeback. Game two had Tweedy pulling out more temporal moves but kept the meter for later. Ninja made a comeback with a flurry of hits to tie it back up 1-1 after coming back from near defeat. Ninja was done waiting for an opening and made it himself with an early great start. Tweedy came back a bit, but Ninja made the comeback and took it 2-1 for the 3-2 victory.

Winner: Ninjakilla_212 (3-2)


Losers Bracket Match One: D2Stabs vs. Hayatei

For the first match, Stabs took in a Frost while Hayatei brought in Erron Black. The first match saw Hayatei get up close for most of the match and push Stabs to the limit for an easy win. The second match was a projectile battle along with a lot of anti-air and quick combos. It wasn't even a discussion after a minute as the projectiles gave Hayatei a second win to go up 1-0. Match two saw Hayatei missing a few key hits and giving Stabs the opening to run all over him with grabs. The damage was a slow build but eventually, Stabs took the first win. We went back to the projectile war as it was pretty even for both, but after a fatal blow, Stabs took the win to tie it up 1-1.

Game three started off strong with the two trading off damage, bit Stabs got the victory after a major whiff from Hayatei. He repaid the favor after going back to the projectile war and scoring a tying win with his shotgun. Hayatei had the lead for much of the third game. Stabs tried to come in late, but Hayatei punished him for the move and took the 2-1 lead. Game four showed Hayatei in firm control for most of the match until Stabs came back near the end. He had the match, but a mistimed grab cost him as Hayatei went up 1-0. Game two was pretty even, but Stabs was coring more combo grabs. Stabs almost had a win, but Hayatei was able to pull off a Fatal Blow for the 3-1 victory.

Winner: Hayatei (3-1)


Losers Bracket Match Two: Tekken Master vs. Semiij

Tekken Master entered the match with Shang Tsung using a Warlock build while Semiij brought in Kitana with the Fan-Fare build. The first match was a rowdy back-and-forth, but TM took the first win. Semiij made a bit of a comeback, but zoning him out and using the rising skulls put him at bay and gave TM the 1-0 lead. Semiij looked like he was going to bring in a Raiden, but stayed with Kitana for game two. This much pretty much a replay fo the first game with zoning tactics and projectiles that gave TM the first win. Semiij switched it up and did more of a projectile attack to make up some ground, but a final blow and more rising skulls gave TM the win for a 2-0 lead.

Game three showed Semiij do a real character switch as he changed to Cassie Cage with a Yaas Queen build. It didn't appear to make much of a difference as TM applied the same tactics and zoned him out for the first victory of the game. Semiij came back a bit in the second battle, which gave him an edge with the up-close tactics for the win to tie it up. Blocking did very little when it came to Cassie after Semiij got on a roll as he took the win and made it 1-2. Game four saw TM make his own character change to Sonya Blade. A good move as he pushed ahead with a devastating combo strat along with projectiles for the first win. The second match looked even, but the fatal blow at the end secured the win for TM as he moved on 3-1.

Winner: Tekken Master (3-1)


Losers Bracket Match Three: Nivek vs. Scar

Nivek jumped in here with his Jacqui Briggs with the Upgraded build, while Scar brought his King Lao with the Lotus Fist. The first game saw them trade-off damage with Scar getting a victory with low health. Another trade-off fight for the second game with a number of counter grabs. With 16 seconds left, Scar got in a quick couple of blows to take the second with for the 1-0 lead. Match two saw Nivek learn his lessons as he scored a quick first victory on Scar, followed by another combo heavy match that came close but had Scar tie it up. Scar came out with the grabs and combos to just kill off Vivek in short order as he went up 2-0.

You could see it on Nevik's face that he was just over the losses. He started off match three by making a major comeback to score two hard-fought victories to make it interesting at 1-2. Match four saw Scar show he wasn't going to take that loss lying down and came in with a flurry of blows for the first win. He kept it going into the second game and just took the fight to Nivek. One jump-kick at the end and Scar took the game 3-1.

Winner: Scar (3-1)


Losers Bracket Match Four: Konqurer249 vs. DizzyTT

Dizzy brought in his own Jacqui Briggs in the Upgraded format while Konquerer brought in his Sub-Zero with Dead of Winter build. Dizzy owned the first victory with a good set of combos and grabs. Konquerer was not to be outdone with his own set of combos to tie it up. Dizzy was trying to put this away early, but Konquerer took the risk at low health with a Fatal Blow and a timed grab to win and go up 1-0. Match two saw both men trade off decisive victories. I could talk about them, but they were both one-sided for a tie. Konquerer was getting beat but pushed ahead looking for another comeback, but Dizzy closed out the game with a couple of air combos and tied it up 1-1.

Match three saw them stick with their characters, as Dizzy made a masterwork victory for the first win after a series of grabs. The second game looked like it was all Konquerer, until Dizzy made the comeback on a Fatal Blow to take the lead 2-1. Game four saw a masterclass of grabbing and juggling combos from both players. But the staggering left Konquerer in a bad spot and cost him the first victory. The second game showed Dizzy in control, but a mistimed attack gave Konquerer an opening as he took full advantage and tied it up. It was enough to give him the confidence to push ahead and took Dizzy down to tie it up 2-2 for yet another match five.

After a coach break, match five started with a crushing blow from Dizzy. After that it was just no contest as he had the first game in hand for the first victory. Konquerer kept trying to bait Dizzy in, but he kept seeing all the tactics and countered and blocked his way through it. It was just obvious at this point that Dizzy had the match won as he took the win and moved on 3-2.

Winner: DizzyTT (3-2)

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