First-Person Psychological Thriller "Tape" To Be Released Next Month

BlackChiliGoat Studio, working with Sony Interactive Entertainment España, will release their horror game Tape this April. This gam is one of the more interesting to come out of the partnership SIE España has had with indie studios, as you'll be playing as a young girl named Iria who is trying to recover her lost memories while simultaneously trying to solve the mystery of his dad's disappearance. You will be able to attempt both through a special ability that you can control at any time as you use an old-school Super8 camera to rewind, pause, or fast-forward objects in time. Depending on the object you focus on, you'll gather clues and get a better understanding of what may have happened in the past. But it will be up to you to put the clues together and figure out the truth. You can check out the trailer below as the game will drop on April 7th for Steam and PlayStation.

First-Person Psychological Thriller "Tape" To Be Released Next Month
Credit: BlackChiliGoat Studio

Tape is a first-person psychological thriller set in the north of Spain in the 1990s where players will be able to use time to their advantage. Thanks to an old Super8 camera, Iria, the main character will be able to play with time to solve puzzles and try to remember the past events that led to her dad's disappearance, an acclaimed horror movie director. The game will challenge players to use the rewind mechanic to solve puzzles, escape the nightmares that inhabit Iria's memories while exploring an eerie location heavily influenced by her dad's work in the past.

  • Use time to solve puzzles and unveil Iria's memories. Rewind, pause or fast forward objects to explore Iria's past
  • Experience a psychological thriller from a first-person perspective in a dark, story-driven adventure.
  • Put Iria's memories together to discover the events that led to the disappearance of Iria's father, an acclaimed horror movie director.

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