For Honor's Dedicated Servers Will Be Coming in Next Update

For Honor's long-gestating dedicated servers are making their way to the live version of the game very soon.

for honor

The Ubisoft game's path to getting servers run remotely and not player-to-player has been a long one. It's been an ask for by the community for a long time due to the sometimes unstable and unfair nature for some players. Last July it was announced by the developer that the game would be transitioning to the server type, which culminated to last month, when the game ran an open-to-everyone beta to try them out. It seems the finishing touches have been put on these now and they're ready for prime time.

It's been announced that alongside the start of Season 5 of the game, called 'Age of Wolves', which will bring severe rebalancing work to several heroes, the dedicated servers will launch, too. This should put all players on a level playing field and stop major crashes in online games. This should make the multiplayer experience just better across the board. You can see the developers talking about the upcoming changes in this new trailer. Those go live February 15th.

This will mark a year since For Honor came out, and it is great the game is still getting substantial updates. Ubisoft is very good at supporting its games where other publishers would move on. The game has a healthy audience, and of course, the resurgence and continued life of Rainbow Six: Siege is a prime example of the success that can come with that. Here's hoping For Honor continues to see life in the coming months and possibly years. It's a real neat title.