For Honor is Geting a Free Weekend Very Soon

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor is set to get another free weekend, letting players try the sword-clanging delights of the game.

For Honor

For Honor, like many of Ubisoft's online multiplayer games has seen excellent post-release support. While it is hardly the biggest multiplayer game today, it certainly has its audience and Ubisoft seems committed to retaining and growing that playerbase. Just recently the game saw the shift to dedicated servers, creating a better online experience for everyone as they hack, slash and bludgeon their opponents to the wayside.

Well, if you haven't been able to try the game, or want to see what is new for the game and you don't have access anymore, Ubisoft has got you covered. The publisher is hosting another free weekend next week, meaning players will be able to try out the full game, including the campaign, for no charge. Any progress you make over the weekend will also come across if you decide you want to pick the game up afterwards. The weekend will take place across May 3 to May 6, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and any existing player who plays 5 matches with a free weekend player will receive renewed Champions Status.

I really like For Honor, but admit I've not kept up with the game. There is a lot to love about the concept of warriors across time meeting up in one spot and having melee combat with each other. Melee third person games aren't that common, so if nothing else For Honor does feel genuinely unique. You should really use the free weekend to try it out if you haven't yet.