Frogwares Reveals They Have A New Game In The Works

Indie developer Frogwares revealed this past week they have a new game in development as they talked about Project Palianytsia. The studio, which is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, released a statement below, along with four images from the game they are currently working on to show that despite what is happening in their country, they are pressing on with their work. Essentially showing that even in the face of adversity, they plan to continue creating art through gaming and bringing joy to others while their home is in strife. Here's the full statement:

Frogwares Reveals They Have A New Game In The Works
Credit: Frogwares

We are revealing the game now in this way to simply show people we are pushing on and also as a clear middle finger to those who thought they could just roll into our country hoping to disrupt and ruin our lives.

While still challenging, prior to this, everything we released during the war was existing projects that needed to be finalized. We are now making something almost entirely from scratch which is a lot harder under these circumstances so we needed to think smart about what is realistic for us. The idea was greenlit for this very reason as it is something our current team and setup can deliver compared to doing pre-production on another open-world title, which is what we were doing prior to the war.

The name Palianytsia is symbolic to Ukraine as it's considered part of our national cuisine. But it's also the equivalent of phonetical Dark Souls for russians who often can't pronounce it correctly when trying to pass off as Ukrainian. And so now it's often used in the field as a test to quickly identify possible affiliation of unknown individuals.

Sergey Oganesyan, Communications Manager, Frogwares

The game itself is currently being called Project Palianytsia, which is a mix of eldritch horror and Victorian-era mystery. The game's look and feel is aimed at attracting fans of their previous titles, The Sinking City and the Sherlock Holmes series. Right now the plan is to reveal more this Summer, but they gave no indication of when that would be.

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