Frostpunk's On The Edge Expansion Launches On August 20th

11 Bit Studios revealed this week that Frostpunk's On The Edge expansion finally has a release date as it will drop August 20th. Along with a new trailer this week showing off more of the expansion, we now know there will be a new survival story based after the events of the main game, complete with an all-new map and places to explore. You'll be forced to survive in this new wilderness with different circumstances as you'll have new mechanics as your disposal for both economic and diplomatic relations. That is, if you survive long enough to use them. You can read the details from the devs below along with the trailer.

A finding outside New London seems to be a blessing, but doesn't every miracle come with a price? Courtesy of 11 Bit Studios.
A finding outside New London seems to be a blessing, but doesn't every miracle come with a price? Courtesy of 11 Bit Studios.

While Frostpunk's previous expansion, The Last Autumn, served as a prequel, On The Edge picks up when the base game has ended. The storm has exposed an army warehouse from times before the evacuation. A scouting party is sent from New London to set up an outpost and a steady chain of supplies. It's time to take another step on the laborious path of rebuilding hope and leading humankind to survival. But… the world of Frostpunk is still full of embroiled dualities: trust or skepticism, independence or domination, union or separation. The question is, what path will you take?

Near the outpost, there are no animals to hunt, so you'll be depending on food sent from New London and their favors are not inexhaustible. They have their demands too. Luckily, the weather is not so severe here, on the edge. For now, the people have managed to survive without a Generator, but for how long? Will you be able to lead them to survival, far from the capital city of New London? Play On The Edge – the final chapter of the thrilling Frostpunk story!

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