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Model Builder Receives Exclusive Frostpunk Models DLC
have added a new DLC to Model Builder as Frostpunk is making its way into the game The announcement was made this week as they revealed they have an exclusive deal with 11 Bit Studios to make models revolving around the game for their simulator Unfortunately, they didn't show any of the models that would[...]
Frostpunk: Console Edition Will Get Three Expansions This Month
Some cool news for those who own Frostpunk: Console Edition as 11 Bit Studios will make three expansions available this month The team will be releasing The Last Autumn, On the Edge, and The Rifts all at the same time for Xbox One and PS4 on July 21st, as you can pick them all up at once in[...]
Frostpunk Board Game Over 1000% Funded On Kickstarter
11 Bit Studios had some interesting reveals today as they're switching over to Unreal Engine and working on a Frostpunk book anthology For the first part, the company apparently made the change from the Liquid Engine to Unreal two months ago and is currently using it to develop new content and games moving forward as[...]
Frostpunk Board Game Over 1000% Funded On Kickstarter
To say that the city-building survival board game Frostpunk has met and exceeded its goals on Kickstarter would be a gross understatement In actuality, the game by publisher 11-Bit Studios has been met with 1000% funding on Kickstarter and is still going quite strong. Stunning artwork featuring the cover art for Frostpunk's box Frostpunk was recently[...]
Frostpunk Reveals The Final Expansion For The Game
11 Bit Studios revealed this week that Frostpunk's On The Edge expansion finally has a release date as it will drop August 20th Along with a new trailer this week showing off more of the expansion, we now know there will be a new survival story based after the events of the main game, complete[...]
Frostpunk Board Game's Kickstarter Launching This Fall
11 bit studios and the people behind Glass Cannon Unplugged have announced the upcoming launch of their board game, Frostpunk, in the form of a Kickstarter campaign The Kickstarter will officially be opened to the public this fall. The box for Frostpunk, a board game by 11 bit studios and Glass Cannon Unplugged Its Kickstarter campaign will[...]
Frostpunk Reveals The Final Expansion For The Game
11 Bit Studios revealed this week that they have one last update coming for Frostpunk this summer called On The Edge According to the developers, On The Edge is the third and final expansion from the game's season pass, with the events of it being set after the vicious Great Storm as the expedition is[...]
"Frostpunk" Will Receive "The Last Autumn" DLC In January 2020
Some cool news from 11 Bit Studios today as they will be releasing the anticipated Frostpunk DLC "The Last Autumn" in January The DLC will drop on January 21st, 2020 across all PC retailers the game is sold through And much like the season of autumn, this DLC will have a profound effect on the[...]
Looking Over The Console Edition Of "Frostpunk" At PAX West 2019
During my final day at PAX West 2019, I got to go hang out with 11 Bit Studios and discuss the console version of Frostpunk on the way While they showed us plenty from the game, the primary focus for us was checking out to see what differences there were between the PC version and[...]
The First "Frostpunk" Expansion "The Rifts" Launches Today
11 Bit Studios have finally released the first proper expansion for Frostpunk this week, as players will be diving into The Rifts with their season pass The expansion pack will give players a brand new map to the Endless Mode, which will utilize new gameplay mechanics to bridge the rifts to access new areas, essentially[...]
Frostpunk has Sold Over 1.4 Million Copies in One Year
11 bit studios have had an immensely successful run in the last few years and that trend only continued as Frostpunk has sold over 1.4 million copies on PC The title will also be coming to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this summer, so those numbers will only increase over time. Frostpunk was released exactly[...]
Frostpunk August 18 update
11 Bit Studios have released a new dev diary video detailing the upcoming update to Frostpunk that will include an Endless Mode Basically, Endless Mode will come with two settings: Endurance and Serenity Serenity is perfect conditions, with easy weather and resources everywhere you go Endurance, however, will be the challenge for hardcore players as every couple[...]
Over 75 Games are on Sale During GOG's Made in Poland Sale This Weekend
Highlights of the sale include This War of Mine, Frostpunk, Tower of Time, Seven: The Days Long Gone, Ruiner, and The Witcher series. The concert giveaway will last until November 11, 2PM UTC The Made in Poland sale will end on November 12th, 2018 at 11 PM UTC. All games available in the Made in Poland sale are below: Publisher Game Discount 11 bit studios Anomaly 2 80% 11 bit[...]
Frostpunk Cleans Up at First Annual CEEGA Awards
The biggest names at the CEEGA Awards were Frostpunk and Kingdom Come: Deliverance which made it a pretty indie show Eight total awards were given out by the CEEGA panel as well as one award given by China's Sina Games for the Best European Game 11 Bit Studios walked away with three awards for Frostpunk, and they were[...]
Frostpunk August 18 update
11 Bit Studios has released a fresh content update for Frostpunk this week, as people will get a free DLC update for "People and Automatons" You can check out some of the details below along with a trailer for the update, or read the full note at this link along with what appears to be[...]
Frostpunk Hits Week One Sales Goal and Announces Expansion Plans
11 Bit Studios has revealed that their critically acclaimed bleak city builder Frostpunk has sold 250,000 copies since it launched on Tuesday The reason that sales figure is significant is because selling 250,000 copies means the studio has recovered all of their development and marketing costs Thus, the game is now out of the red and[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for April 24-30, 2018
Looking over the latest video game releases for this week, it is a great time to be a Nintendo Switch owner as more than half of what we have on the docket to end out the month of April is for that console alone! Have fun checking out the complete list of games that are[...]