Funko Games Releases Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Funko Games has released their latest collaboration with Disney today as we're getting the Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad board game. Taking cues from the long-running Disneyland ride, this game will have you playing as prospectors who use the railroad to find hidden ores and gems within the mountain. But beware, the mountainside is fraught with danger, as well as your fellow players competing to obtain the most amount of resources they can. The game is currently on sale for $25 in select retailers and online. You can check out more about the game below.

Funko Games Announces Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Credit: Funko Games

This here is the wildest game in the wilderness! Step off the stagecoach and into the cursed mining town of Tumbleweed. Will you find fortune mining the mysterious mountain, or awaken its many dangers? Discover gold-filled veins, grow your mining operations with new equipment, and invest in the town's businesses. With the right strategy, and a dash of good ol' fashioned luck, you may strike it rich! In this family friendly strategy game, players take turns racing through a haunted gold mine digging for treasure and avoiding the mountain's legendary curse. Inspired by the popular ride experience, the game features a sculpted mountain full of unpredictable twists-and-turns complete with falling marbles. Find out if you will strike it rich or fall victim to the mountain's fury – though, if you are wearin' hats or glasses, best remove 'em first.

  • Sculpted mountain peak and mine tray capture the iconic old west setting of the classic Disney Parks attraction.
  • Send marbles rolling down the mine shafts on every turn!
  • Move through the mine shafts and place the marbles you mine into your mine cart!
  • Simple, fast-paced introduction to deck-building—one of the most popular styles of card games.
  • Exciting occurrences of fate change the game with landslides, dynamite, and dinosaur discoveries!

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