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Funko Games Releases Marvel Battleworld: Series 3
Funko Games has released a brand new addition to Marvel Battleworld: Ultimate Armory as they have released the Series 3 figures and additions This new set brings about a couple of new locations for you to play in as you're getting both the Technopolis and Monster Metropolis They're also adding over 30 new Hero Movers[...]
We Tried Out Jurassic World: The Legacy Of Isla Nublar
Recently we had a cool opportunity come our way as we got to try out Funko Games' latest game, Jurassic World: The Legacy Of Isla Nublar Funko Games was kind enough to bring us out to Los Angeles a few weeks ago where we say down and played a copy of the game We were[...]
Funko Games Announces New Board Game Based On Rear Window
Funko Games has announced a brand new board game based on the Alfred Hitchcock classic masterpiece thriller film Rear Window The company has partnered again with design studio Prospero Hall to bring a classic property to life in the form of a tabletop game This time around you'll be doing your own sleuthing as you attempt[...]
Jurassic World: Legacy Of Isla Nublar Will Launch Kickstarter In March
Funko Games and Prospero Hall have released a new making-of video for Jurassic World: The Legacy Of Isla Nublar The video has several designers for the game sit down and discuss the work that went into making this game, from the design of the map to the inserts and pamphlets to the dinosaur figures you[...]
Funko Games Reveals
Funko Games revealed two new tabletop games on the way based on TV properties as we're getting Ted Lasso and Parks and Recreation titles Considering the plethora of titles out there that they probably could get the rights to, these are two very awesome choices with dedicated fans behind them Both games will place you in[...]
Funko Games Unveils New Line Of Disney Tabletop Titles For 2022
Funko Games has revealed several new tabletop and board game titles from the world of Disney, spanning multiple franchises for 2022 Seven new games were revealed this morning, all of them coming out between the Spring and Fall of 2022, each of them designed to expand on something or celebrate something Disney-related For starters, they[...]
Jurassic World: Legacy Of Isla Nublar Will Launch Kickstarter In March
The company is currently working with Funko Games to produce this extensive legacy title that takes you across all of the films from the original 1993 blockbuster all the way to the most recent titles This video, along with the info provided by the company below as part of it, examines the gameplay and what[...]
Funko Games Reveals E.T. Board Game & Marvel Battleworld Series 3
Another pair of announcements coming out of the London Toy Fair from Funko Games are Marvel Battleworld Series 3 and an E.T board game The first big reveal is E.T The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years From Home Game ($30), which will have you playing out the plot from the classic '80s film The game is being[...]
Jurassic World: Legacy Of Isla Nublar Will Launch Kickstarter In March
Funko Games revealed today they will be launching a Kickstarter for their upcoming board game Jurassic World: Legacy Of Isla Nublar Developed by Prospero Hall, this will bring together all of the stories of the franchise in onew playable game with over 24 hours worth of scenarios to work out and survive with The game[...]
Funko Games Reveals Two New Grinch Titles For The Holidays
Funko Games revealed two new tabletop titles this week from the world of Dr Seuss as we're getting a couple of Grinch-themed games Just in time for the holidays to play with friends and family, we're getting Dr Seuss Merry Grinchmas! Game and Dr Seuss Grow Your Heart Card Game Each one of them gives[...]
Funko Games Unveils The Warriors & Jurassic World Games At Gen Con
Funko Games decided to reveal a couple of new games during Gen Con this weekend as we're getting games for The Warriors and Jurassic World The Warriors: Come Out To Play will be released in Early 2022, but is available today for pre-order for $25 Meanwhile, they didn't reveal much beyond a piece and some artwork,[...]
Funko Games Announces Five More Something Wild Titles
Funko Games announced this week they have five more games coming out from their highly popular Something Wild series Each one of them is from a popular franchise, as you might suspect, as they have two Star Wars-themed sets (Darth Vader and The Child from The Mandalorian), Iron Man from the MCU (specifically the Infinity[...]
Funko Games Announces The Rocketeer: Fate Of The Future
Funko Games revealed a brand new board game collaboration with Disney this morning as we're getting The Rocketeer: Fate Of The Future Taking inspiration from the film, the game will have you playing as the iconic character in the golden age of Hollywood as you attempt to keep the plans of the rocket away from[...]
Funko Games To Release The Goonies: Never Say Die
Funko Games revealed a new board game tied to an '80s franchise this month as they'll be releasing The Goonies: Never Say Die The game will have you playing as the four main kids who go off treasure hunting, along with Sloth, as you make your way through the caves solving puzzles, running from the[...]
Funko Games Announces It's A Small World Board Game
This week, Funko Games revealed their latest collaboration with Disney as they're releasing the It's A Small World Board Game This is a very stylized take on the classic theme park attraction that's been a part of Disneyland since the early years of the park The game has taken the long-running ride and transformed it[...]