The Game Awards Will Include Indie Games This Year

Because Indie games are more popular and available than ever, they're even coming to The Game Awards this year with a new indies-only award category and even a showcase arcade.

Game Awards 2017

The press release reads:

"To champion the indie gaming community and its commitment to innovation, Schick Hydro has announced a new fan-choice award ("Best Debut Indie Game"), a giveaway that puts break-out indie game in fans' hands, and a pop-up arcade at The Game Awards 2017 at Microsoft Theater in L.A. this Thursday, Dec. 7."

Nominees for the brand-new Indie Games award are:

  • Cuphead
  • Golf Story
  • Hollow Knight
  • Mr. Shifty
  • Slime Rancher
Game Awards 2017
Credit// The Game Awards

Personally, I think Hollow Knight should take home the win, but I could just be biased.

Additionally, the TGA arcade will showcase four NEW games created by 20 on-the-rise developers during a 48-hour Indie Game Jam in November, hosted in partnership with Playcrafting — to further celebrate indie game dev talent. You can download all of the showcase games on here.

Details for the award show are below:

You can also join your favorite Twitch community and vote on who you think will win each category while watching the stream live thanks to a new Twitch extension and overlay feature.

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