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The Game Awards 2023 Reveals Livestream Broadcast Date
The Game Awards That annual event where we watch two and a half hours of commercials with twenty minutes of award presentations We joke, but let's be real, that is really what this show is about Running as many ads for upcoming games as possible to get you psyched about what's to come over the[...]
Bethesda Softworks Revealed Marvel's Blade During The Game Awards
Bethesda Softworks had a major surprise for The Game Awards this evening as they are working with developer Arkane Lyon to make Marvel's Blade The game will take you to a quarantined section of Paris in the middle of a supernatural emergency, and as you might suspect, Vampires are at the center of it all[...]
Jordan Peele Joins Hideo Kojima On New Game: OD
If you had an appearance from Hideo Kojima at The Game Awards on your bingo card, congrats! But you probably didn't have Jordan Peele on the list In the second hour of the show, we got a look at the new Kojima game, which they are calling OD (Overdose), showing off what looks to be[...]
Every Single Game Reveal Form The Game Awards 2023
During The Game Awards 2023, Matthew McConaughey came out to reveal he will be in a new starting role for the upcoming video game Exodus Archetype Entertainment dropped the first trailer for the evening, featuring McConaughey in a sci-fi action-adventure RPG The game serves as the debut title from legendary RPG creator James Ohlen, and[...]
Day Of The Devs: The Game Awards Edition Announced
Ahead of The Game Awards happening tomorrow, the team behind Day Of the Devs aired a new livestream this morning showing off new indie games The team will be holding a special event on December 8 featuring over 50 titles in Los Angeles, a bit of a post-celebration to the awards But before that, we[...]
The Game Awards 2023 Reveals Livestream Broadcast Date
This morning, organizers behind The Game Awards revealed the full list of nominees for the 2023 ceremony, covering all the familiar and new areas Leading the pack this year are Bladur's Gate III and Alan Wake II, with eight nominations each The full list includes 112 different games, individuals, teams, and events, one of the[...]
Day Of The Devs: The Game Awards Edition Announced
Day of the Devs revealed more details about the new livestream event in December ahead of The Game Awards 2023, as well as about their special event The livestream will take place the day before the awards on December 6 with a special livestream, followed by an in-person event happening in Downtown LA the day[...]
Day Of The Devs: The Game Awards Edition Is Coming In December
Organizers behind the Day of the Devs have revealed this morning they will be doing a special edition of their livestream for The Game Awards As you might suspect, this will be broadcast a day ahead of the awards on December 6, 2023 Like previous streams, it will shine a spotlight on indie games and[...]
The Game Awards 2023 Reveals Livestream Broadcast Date
Ahead of Gamescom 2023, organizers behind The Game Awards revealed when the show would be holding their annual show and subsequent livestream The event will take place on Thursday, December 7th, and will be broadcast live from the Peacock Theater (formerly Microsoft Theater) in Los Angeles The 10th Annual showcase will probably have some surprises[...]
Tenacious D To Perform At The Game Awards' Hollywood Bowl Concert
The Game Awards are starting to beef up their upcoming 10-Year Concert at the Hollywood Bowl this June, as Tenacious D has joined on as a performer They already have Gustavo Santaolalla signed on to perform, and we already know he'll probably be playing some of his works from The Last Of Us But now[...]
Gustavo Santaolalla Joins Game Awards' Hollywood Bowl Concert
Some cool news this week for The Game Awards' upcoming concert at the Hollywood Bowl as Gustavo Santaolalla will join the performances The one-night-only concert will have a number of performances of popular video games' scores, primarily led by composer Lorne Balfe, as they will play alongside footage from each game Santaolalla's inclusion makes a[...]
The Game Awards Announces Hollywood Bowl Concert Lineup
The Game Awards have officially revealed the complete lineup of performers for their 10-Year Concert happening at the Hollywood Bowl this June The one-night-only event will take place on June 25th, featuring full orchestral performances from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, led by Grammy-winning and BAFTA-and Emmy-nominated composer Lorne Balfe The selection of scores, which we[...]
The Game Awards Announces Special Concert At The Hollywood Bowl
At the end of The Game Awards last night, it was revealed that 2023 will have a new event added to the schedule with a special 10 Year Celebration This will be a special concert taking place at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 25th, 2023 This will be a single-night event[...]
Your Annual List of Everything Revealed At The Game Awards 2022
Hey there! You may not have realized it from the bombardment on social media, but The Game Awards 2022 took place last night While we do poke fun at the fact that it's far more a three-hour commercial for what video games are coming in 2023, they do actually give out awards during the showcase[...]
Your Annual List of Everything Revealed At The Game Awards 2022
Hey kids, just in case you didn't know from being bombarded with announcements tonight, The Game Awards 2022 happened And as it is every year, it's less about the awards and more about all of the trailers and more revealed this year We would love to write up each and every single one of these,[...]
The Game Awards 2022 Announces Official Date & New Category
This morning, The Game Awards held a special live stream in which they revealed all of the nominees for the 2022 ceremony this December Hosted by Geoff Keighley, the stream when over every category that will be presented during the event on December 8th, as they covered a wide array of titles, as well as[...]
The Game Awards 2022 Announces Official Date & New Category
The Game Awards 2022 officially revealed the details of when this year's ceremony will take place, along with a new category The event will again take place at The Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, being broadcast across multiple platforms, with a live audience on December 8th, 2022 As for the new category, the organization[...]
Several Trailers We Didn't Get To During The Game Awards 2021
The Game Awards 2021 was a long ceremony in which we see a ton of trailers over the course of three hours When you're covering it alone, you miss things We covered a number of trailers last night while the awards were happening, which you can go back and browse through But the reality is[...]
The Game Awards 2021 Sets Return Date For In-Person Ceremony
In case you didn't catch any of the winners tonight, we have the rundown of all of the winners from The Game Awards 2021 We have the entire list below of everyone who won something this evening, which you may have missed since they jam pack 7-8 award announcements in-between different commercial spots and game[...]
The Game Awards 2021 Sets Return Date For In-Person Ceremony
This morning, the crew behind The Game Awards 2021 released the full list of nominees for this year's set of awards We got the full rundown of awards for you here as they covered everything from Game Of The Year all the way to esports awards To find out who wins, tune in on December[...]
The Game Awards 2021 Sets Return Date For In-Person Ceremony
The Game Awards announced today that they will be making a return in 2021 to an in-person event at the Microsoft Theater this December The event will be returning on December 9th, hosted by creator and executive producer Geoff Keighley, as they will honor the best titles of the year in front of a live[...]
The Complete List Of Winners From The Game Awards 2020
In case you hadn't noticed on social media and every streaming service on the planet, The Game Awards happened this evening As predictable as it may seem, the big winner for the night was The Last of Us Part II, which walked away with six of the awards it was up for, including Game of[...]
Pokémon GO December Recap Community Day: Prep Guide Part 1
It's all part of a tie-in to the Game Awards 2020, which will also feature buffed Incense effectivity and more. Shadow Snorlax in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic On the official blog, Niantic announced that from today, Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 4 PM Pacific until tomorrow, Friday, December 11th at 4 PM Pacific, a special event for[...]
Singer Eddie Vedder of the Pearl Jam during the Jammin Heinekn Festival on July 6, 2010 in San Giuliano, Venice, Italy. Editorial credit: Matteo Chinellato /
Some cool performance news from The Game Awards 2020 as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder will take the stage for a performance Over the years the awards show has incorporated more and more musical acts, some of which have performed soundtracks from games that are up for awards, others are there to help promote a game[...]
The Game Awards Releases The Complete 2020 Nominees List
This morning, The Game Awards finally revealed all of the nominees for their 2020 awards ceremony happening in December This is one of those years where it appears the usual suspects are front-and-center as its no surprise to see games like Hades, Final Fantasy VII Remake, DOOM Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ghost Of Tsushima,[...]
The Game Awards Will Still Take Place In Mid-December 2020
This morning, The Game Awards revealed they would still be holding their annual award show in mid-December 2020, just online Since they can't hold it in Los Angeles like usual, the organization will broadcast from multiple studio locations, live in 4K UHD, from Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London The three host cities will be digitally[...]
"Control" Reveals New Free DLC During The Game Awards
Fans of Control got some cool news during The Game Awards last night as the game will be getting new free DLC today called Expeditions This is basically a new game mode, giving you a challenging end game that will test even the best players You can read more about it here as well as[...]
"The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr" Gets A New Trailer At The Game Awards
Bethesda Softworks showed off a new trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr at The Game Awards, showing the climax to The Season Of The Dragon They don't really give out a ton of info about what is going on beyond the trailer, as we suspect details will come out in a few weeks Enjoy[...]