Gameforge Provides FabLab Bruchsal With Two 3D Printers In Medical Aid

While the coronavirus outbreak is currently happening, not all stories coming out of it are sad. For example, Gameforge has stepped up with some help of their own. The Germany-based video game company has seen the epidemic hit across all parts of Europe, including Italy to the south where the country is on lockdown. So the need for more medical supplies and just ordinary supplies, in general, has come under great demand. One of the companies working to help out in this time of need is FabLab Bruschal, who is a non-profit makerspace "self-proclaimed tinkerers and technology advocates". Normally they'd be making new tech for fun and educational purposes. But as Gameforge revealed below, their attention has shifted.

Credit: Gameforge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this club of like-motivated individuals has shifted its focus to the just-launched international "MakersVsVirus" initiative — producing makeshift face shields to protect medical personnel from infection. FabLab is providing this maker-created PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) free of charge to clinics, doctor's offices, and other medical facilities.

FabLab's volunteer members are manufacturing high-quality face shields, meant to be worn by medical personnel in addition to respiratory masks, to provide maximum protection from droplet-based infectious material. While the plastic shields are cut out by laser, other volunteers are using their personal 3D printers to make the requisite holding frames at home. Finally, all components are assembled at FanLab Bruchsal by a smaller team – to keep the risk of infection to a bare minimum – and sent to medical facilities in need.

This week, Gameforge announced that they had donated two more 3D Printers to the company to aid in their efforts to print the masks you see here, as well as other necessities. You can read more about the work being done here, along with the info about other local companies who have donated warehouse space and additional essential equipment. Basically, if you need a feel-good story during this time with a gaming spin, this may be the one for you.

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