GameStop Stores Close Fully In Massachusetts Due To Coronavirus Order

In Massachusetts, GameStop has officially ceased all of its business following a state-mandated shutdown of all non-essential businesses due to the Coronavirus.

Gamestop Manhattan awning
A GameStop store awning in Manhattan, New York.

GameStop has been trying to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of different ways – from claiming that their business as a retail chain was "essential" to running a curbside pick-up system outside of their stores, to insisting that, despite Coronavirus's highly-contagious nature, their employees arm themselves against the spread with nothing more than plastic bags on their hands and arms.

However, GameStop finally shut down its Massachusetts locations after receiving an order from inspection services in Boston. GameStop managed to avoid a hefty fine for keeping their storefront open prior to this, but they were issued a nuisance order as a result of keeping open past the mandated March 24th shutdown date.

Coronavirus effect on Businesses
A sign at GameStop in Union Square Shopping Center in Pennsylvania.

We have been covering this developing story since the news broke that GameStop had claimed they were an "essential retail" store chain. We covered the controversy surrounding GameStop's "curbside pick-up" decision, as well as the harsh conditions that employees have had to deal with during the pandemic. With this new closure mandate, it is all-too-likely that more will follow for the company, both officially and definitively, and when more stores close, you can rest assured that we will cover that story as well.

I know I've said this in many articles before this one, but it's about time for GameStop to stop playing games with the health of their employees and consumers. Massachusett's crackdown on non-essential businesses like GameStop was a great start – but now other states need to follow suit.

What do you think about the messy situation that GameStop has gotten itself into? Let us know your thoughts!

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