Gears 5 Multiplayer Relaunches Today With New Content

Cool news this morning for Gears 5 fans as The Coalition has relaunched multiplayer with a ton of new content optimized for the Xbox Series X/S. Operation 5 is the largest operation being added to date, which includes seven characters, five maps, 13 new achievements, and the return of everyone's favorite insane weapon with The Scorcher. The game mode has also been optimized with new quality of life updates, which includes the separation of characters and classes, giving players more freedom to come to a game however they see fit. You can read more about the individual additions below.

All these new characters means a bunch of new blood to spill! Courtesy of The Coalition.
All these new characters means a bunch of new blood to spill! Courtesy of The Coalition.

Five Maps

Operation 5 features five maps: two completely new and three classic updates.

  • New Maps: In Nexus, players will fight amongst rivers of Imulsion in this Locust stronghold deep under Mount Kadar. Regency is set high above the clouds inspiring both awe and fear.
  • Classic Maps: Three favorite maps from the original Gears of War trilogy make their return. Gears of War staples Gridlock and Clocktower join the list, as does River, a classic Gears of War 2 map.

Gears 5 Separated Characters and Classes in PvE

A major overhaul to Horde and Escape has separated characters from classes. Now you can pair any character with any class, even characters that were previously not available in Horde or Escape. Want to create an all-Marcus super squad? Now you can! Choose your character, choose your class and dominate the Swarm.

Seven Characters

All seven characters joining the roster this Operation are callbacks to the Locust War. Dizzy Wallin and Tai Kaliso face off against the deadly Skorge from Gears of War 2. Anya Stroud takes on the Lambent Drone, Lambent Grenadier and Lambent Theron Guard from Gears of War 3. Pick up Dizzy, Tai, Anya and Skorge as part of the Operation 5 bundle.

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