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Gears of War 5 Warden Wants Blood with Storm Collectibles

Gears of War 5 Warden Wants Blood with Storm Collectibles

Wardens are deadly elite Scions from the world of Gears of War After severed exposed to the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon these Locust has evolved into something greater Their evolution has blessed with their own natural armor through indestructible crystals This makes them the ideal threat to take on foe who stands in their way and[...]

"Gears Tactics" Brings Strategy to the World of "Gears of War"

"Gears Tactics" Brings Strategy to the World of "Gears of War"

[caption id="attachment_1133160" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Xbox Game Studios[/caption]Gears of War real-time strategy game Gears Tactics poked its headset of the foxhole to show off a bit of new gameplay for players to soak up.It's been over a year since it was announced during Microsoft's 2018 press conference, but now that we've had a better look[...]

Operation 2 is Now Available To Play In "Gears 5"

Operation 2 is Now Available To Play In "Gears 5"

The Coalition released Operation 2 into Gears 5 this week, along with a number of additions and updates for you to try. Lizzie Carmine and Damon Baird join the fight in multiplayer mode, as they will face off against Jermad and the original Locust Drone. In Arcade, each character gets a passive ability and a […]

Laced Records Will Be Releasing A "Gears 5" Vinyl Soundtrack

Laced Records announced today that they have partnered with The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios to release the Gears 5 soundtrack on vinyl. You can pre-order them right now for $35 as there are two versions: one with standard black vinyl and one with red and orange vinyl for those hardcore fans. They will be […]

"Gears 5" Joins The Collegiate StarLeague for 2019-2020 Season

"Gears 5" Joins The Collegiate StarLeague for 2019-2020 Season

This week, the Collegiate StarLeague announced the latest addition to its roster of collegiate esports leagues will be Microsoft's Gears 5! This is the first time a game from the Gears of War series will be available for esports competition Players who are interested in taking part can register by following this link, and you[...]

Developers Jeremy Soule, Alec Holowka, Luc Shelton Accused of Sexual Assault

Shelton is a tools programmer for development studio Splash Damage, and worked on Gears of War 4 All three were subject to allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, and gaslighting by fellow developers Nathalie Lawhead, Zoë Quinn, and Adelaide Gardner.As Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports:  On Monday afternoon Nathalie Lawhead, developer of the IGF-winning Tetrageddon Games, wrote a post on her[...]

Gears 5 Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

"Gears 5" Debuts Campaign Story Trailer At Gamescom 2019

Microsoft and The Coalition brought their own trailers to Gamescom 2019 as we got a brand new look at the campaign for Gears 5. Not a lot was said or mentioned about the trailer beyond the bits and pieces we got. Not to mention not knowing how it all connects. Basically, we got a semi-story […]

Gears 5 Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

"Gears 5" Multiplayer Tech Test Open For All Xbox Live Gold Members

Xbox Game Studios has announced that the Gears 5 versus multiplayer tech test will be open for all Xbox Live Gold members this weekend. The Tech Test will kick off today starting at 10am PDT and run through Monday, July 29th at the same time. Keep in mind that this is just a test and […]

Gears 5 Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

"Gears 5" Will Do Multiplayer Technical Tests Starting July 19th

Those of you waiting to get your hands on Gears 5 are in luck, as Microsoft will be doing some multiplayer testing on the game starting July 19th. The company released details on Xbox Wire about the test, as they're looking to work out the kinks before the game is released on September 10th, 2019. […]

Gears 5 Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

"Gears 5" Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

It looks like Gears 5 is going to head in a much different direction when it comes to bonus content as you won't be paying for it, you'll need to earn it. In a brand new blog post, the developers at The Coalition laid out the foundation for what they'll be doing with content in […]

A Ratings Board May Have Leaked Gears Of War 5's Art and Release

A Ratings Board May Have Leaked Gears Of War 5's Art and Release

It looks like yet another ratings board has leaked a video game release, this time Gears 5, or Gears of War 5, whichever you prefer to think of it It's honestly been a long time since we've heard about any progress for the game and, to be quite frank with you, we kinda wrote the[...]

New York Toy Fair: Visiting the Kotobukiya, Storm Collectibles, and Dark Horse Booths

The big news for them, announced before the show, was their new Gears of War line, which the first two were on display Of their figures, I was most impressed with Guile, Darkseid, and Lobo, they are all looking fantastic Check them all out below.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="988826,988827,988828,988829,988830,988831,988832,988833,988834,988835,988836,988837,988838,988839,988843,988844,988845,988840,988842,988841"]  We had a chance to swing by[...]

Funko London Toy Fair Warhammer 40k

Funko Round-Up: London Toy Fair Reveals!

Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: we go over all of today's London Toy Fair reveals! Tons of gaming, anime, Batman, Disney, musicians, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and so much more were revealed, and this round-up has it all! Let's dig in![gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="975227,975221,975220,975209"]Gaming and video game[...]

Gears 5 Appears to Be Getting a Brand-New Enemy

#Gears5 — Gears of War (@GearsofWar) July 11, 2018The video seems to be self-explanatory, as you're getting a tall guy with a couple of axes that are sure to bludgeon you to death and make you restart a few dozen times over throughout the game But that hasn't stopped Reddit from speculating that you're getting[...]

The Halo Championship and Gears Pro Circuit are Teaming Up This Weekend

Announced today on Xbox Wire, Microsoft is bringing its two big esports teams together by hosting both Halo Championship and Gears Pro Circuit matches in New Orleans this weekend. The crossover esports event will run from July 13th to July 15th at the New Orleans Convention Center. Major League Gaming, The Coalition, and 343 Industries […]

Gears 5

Gears 5 Won't go Back to 'Gears of War 5' Title

The Coalition has come out to say that Gears 5 will keep its name this time around and won't revert to Gears of War 5 like the previous game.When Gears of War 4 was announced, the game was announced at the Microsoft E3 press conference, it ended its trailer with the title, Gears 4 I thought[...]

Gears of War Pop Funko Mobile Game

Gears of War Funko Game Coming to Mobile Devices in 2019

Gears of War is coming to the mobile platform, but not in the way you may have expected Announced at the Xbox E3 Press Conference this afternoon, Gears Pop will hit mobile devices sometime in 2019 The game was described as a "mobile Gears experience with an official Funko Pop twist" This was on top[...]

Award-Winning Composer Kevin Riepl Talks 'Higher Power,' Inspirations and Geek Guilty Pleasures

Welcome to the world of director Matthew Santoro's sci-fi action-thriller Higher Power, currently available on on-demand services.Bleeding Cool was pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with the film's award-winning composer Kevin Riepl (Cabin Fever, Gears of War) about the film; further elaborating on how Santoro's vision for the score proved to be quite unique to the[...]