Geek Fuel Strikes Again: Perhaps A Nod To The Resistance Subscription Box?

I've been vocal about my positive feelings for the Geek Fuel Subscription box. So it's pretty useless for me to go on and on about that. We already know that Christine really likes getting a new nerdy t-shirt each month.

However, I was surprised to see that this months t-shirt design is called "Assemble the Resistance." My initial reaction was "Woot woot! Another Star Wars t-shirt." Then I realized, that the Star Wars subscription box Smuggler's Bounty has a theme called "The Resistance Box." (Which you can still get for another 56+ days here…which I may do.)

It wouldn't make any sense for Geek Fuel to nod to the Star Wars box in an effort to boost their sales. Smuggler's Bounty is backed by Funko though. They probably don't need any help. I'm going to claim that this all happened in a purely coincidental sort of way.

None the less, I'm pretty happy about the t-shirt and the Pac Man themed salt and pepper shakers. You can take a look at the other stuff I got in the box below, and set up your own subscription here.


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